…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menokakkuls in movie form

This is not so much laugh out loud, as mildly amusing... certainly smile-inducing, as the lesson of 'do not covet' takes a twist!


  1. seeing Film by Cat Hicks at the end was funny.
    Dad found 2 Disney cartoons, titled Boat Builders, on TV. They were made in the 1930's Mickey, Pluto and Donald ordered a boat kit. It was cute.
    Walt Disney was the voice of Mickey Mouse.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. ha! that's what I had done too... have a bone-nanza :o)


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