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FFF Rulez


Yes, I invite you all to get scribbling and create a poem or short story or share a memory, to be posted on the final Friday of each month. All you have to do...
  1. Trawl your image files and chose one or more (or share some of your art) and tell us about them in whatever style you wish. PLEASE USE ONLY YOUR OWN IMAGES. 
  2. The writing can be as short as you wish, but the maximum number of words permitted is 1000.
  3. Post your FFF on the last Friday of each month; place the badge somewhere within it (or on your sidebar if you care to), and PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE A LINK-BACK TO THIS PAGE. That way, others who are curious can read how to join in.
  4. You are also requested to leave a comment on YAM's FFF and, if you wish, place a link to your own FFF offering. NB - this should be direct to the FFF post and not the blog URL. 
  5. All material should be readable by anyone and be free of any vitriol, prejudice, extremism, etc. This hop is intended to promote creativity and bonding through the written word. All works submitted should reflect this spirit of friendship, respect, and capital 'ell' Love. 
Just a tech moment... for those who don't know what direct link means. It means the URL specific to the individual post. 

When you have prepared your post, and it has gone 'live', copy the URL (it will be your blog address PLUS the title HTML). When you comment, you can simply paste the whole link in the comment for folk to highlight and 'right click' to go to the post. Better still, you can hyperlink it by typing the following, but pasting in the URL over where I have put asterisks... Be careful not to overwrite the " at either end of that part of the string.

<a href="**********"rel="nofollow"><b>This is my FFF post!</b></a>

When you link back to my post, you can copy the URL specific to that, and change the descriptor to 'This is YAM's post!'

Easy, right? YES, IT IS!!!

Please download this 'badge' for display on your FFF work.