'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

FFF Rulez


Yes, I invite you all to get scribbling and create a poem or short story** to be posted on the final Friday of each month. All you have to do...

  1. Take a book - any book, a different one each month - and go to page 87; take a word or phrase from each of lines 8, 12 and 16. Sometimes this might mean there is only one word available. That's fine. Use it! Don't be tempted to look around the page for words you'd prefer. The challenge lies in the use of what is presented within these parameters. If your book choice does not reach page 87, then use the last full page. NB: you do not have to have read the book - it could be Gray's Anatomy or The Tenth Great Wonder... all you have to do is take a book from a shelf...or your e-reader!
  2. Using those words/phrases as a prompt, build a story and incorporate them. It can be prose or poetry or even a piece of personal history.
  3. Try to keep it to a maximum of 500 words, but it can be as few as you like.
  4. Note the source text, its author, and the actual phrases taken, at the top of the post. This will really help to keep the writing focused, and the reader will be properly alerted. You may choose to highlight the phrases within the text also - that's a personal choice.
  5. Schedule the post and prepare to link up to the bloghop - again I will be quite strict; only those who have referenced a page 87 and made a link-back to this blog will be kept on the hop. 
  6. It goes without saying, I hope, that all material should be readable by all ages and backgrounds. This hop is intended to promote creativity and bonding through the written word. All works submitted should reflect the spirit of friendship, respect, and capital 'ell' Love. I reserve the right to remove links which don't meet criteria.

For all participants - and for those who are willing to promote this bloghop - please take this badge and place a link to the FFF page (under the blog banner) - thank you.

**REMEMBER - there is no right or wrong way to tell your tales. You can write memoirs or about factual things, but must still incorporate "page 87". We all have a story to share - hop on board! Happy writing efurrybuddy!!!