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    Due to the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, (25th May 2018) all web pages are now required to be clear about what information is gathered from visitors and what it is used for. The policy below outlines what personal information is collected and how it is used when you visit here. You agree to the terms of this policy when you use this site. This privacy policy may be subject to change, at which time notice will be posted on the home page in a post relevant to that date.

    Doses of Wild YAM
    Begun in 2013, Doses of Wild YAM blog is written by Yamini Ali MacLean (aka 'YAM'). The blog is best described as a memoir and magazine-style presentation and covers an eclectic range of subjects. It is a personal site to which the public has access for commenting and connecting. Aside from the legislation which requires the information below, you should know that YAM holds confidentiality and, therefore, privacy to be essential in her communications with followers of this blog. Any contact made will be due to you having provided your email willingly and for personal use only.

    How Information is Collected
    • if you subscribe to an email notice for blog posts (currently the email widget is not active, but if you subscribed this way historically, then this may still apply.)
    • Via the contact form
    • if you leave a comment on the blog
    • through Google's Blogger statistics tool

    If you subscribed to email notifications, then your first name and email address may have been collected by Google. When in use, no other widget was offered than Google's. YAM does not have any access to that information and cannot use it in any way.

    It is also Google's own contacts form which is used on this blog. Therefore the privacy policy of Google itself applies concerning the gathering and use (if any) of your information. You can see their policy here. In the event of your sending an email to YAM via that form, your email address will become visible to her. Use of the contacts form implies readiness on your part for YAM to reply and this will be the only use made of that contact information unless you seek ongoing connection.

    Blog Comments
    If you choose to leave a comment on a blog post, then please be aware that the comment is open to the public and visible to anyone who reads the blog post. Your email address is not visible to other visitors, but your name will be shown beside your 'avatar'. This will link to your central ID and thus to your IP address. When commenting, your email address may, but not always, be visible to YAM and she may choose to contact you via that address. You are free to not respond or to advise YAM that you do not wish that personal contact. If you tick the 'notify me' box beneath comments to follow a thread, then your email address will be collected by the system. The collection of data here is again covered by the Google privacy policy.

    Please be aware also, that if you have previously provided your email to YAM, it is possible that any comment requiring response may, but not always, be sent to you personally, as well as posted to the blog page. Again, you are free to ignore the message or to request that YAM no longer contact you this way.

    Be assured that any email address held by YAM will not be seen or shared with any other person without express consent having been sought and given.

    Cookies store user-specific information for tracking website traffic and user behaviour. This is the purvue of Google, who run the Blogger service. You will see the cookie notice appearing when you enter the site, and it should give you the option to accept their use. You are encouraged to read more about Google's cookie policy here. YAM has no control over, nor any access to, information the cookies gather.

    Google Statistics
    Doses of Wild YAM blog comes with an inbuilt statistics tool to track user behaviour. It provides information on page views, referral sources, and viewers by country. It is a pared-down version of Google Analytics and possibly does capture anonymous information such as IP address, location, age, gender, and interests, but there is no way for YAM to access that information or in any way to identify you.  As this tool is not controlled by the blog author, it is not known how long any data is stored; but most likely it will be between 14 and 26 months, which are the basic options of the full Analytics program.

    This blog is non-commercial. There is no subscription to AdSense. If you find advertising placed within it, please be assured that this has been done by Google without YAM's permission and she holds no responsibility for what is contained there nor gains financially in any way. Any links to sites which may have a commercial interest are not affiliate and Doses of Wild YAM does not retain any information from your click-through. Any information required and gathered by those sites is not the responsibility of YAM or Google (where it is not their site), and you are advised to read the relevant policies of those other web pages.

    Social Media
    YAM, beyond Blogger, subscribes only to Instagram. Any click through from the widget on this page is then governed by the regulations of Instagram.
    Blog Hops/Link-ups
    There are occasionally group link-ups using a third-party tool. YAM opts to use InLinkz. Any information gathered by that tool is covered by the InLinkz privacy policy, which you can read HERE. YAM will be able to see your email and blog address if you choose to join the link-up but gives her personal assurance that this will not be used for any purpose other than to confirm the authenticity of the blog seeking to link. Any blog hops not hosted by YAM but shared here will not have visible information.

    This is a blog which can be read by any age, but viewers under the age of 14 would be best advised to share with their parents, as there are occasionally some challenging posts in the form of philosophical and spiritual discussion. All readers of this blog are expected to have read this policy and by continuing to read the blog posts are giving consent for the limited use of their details, which in the case of Doses of Wild YAM, relates only to email addresses.

    Last Words
    • The updated Google Privacy compliant with GDPR can be read HERE.
    • Unless there is some legal obligation which arises, no personal or identifying information will be given out to any other source, except with express permission being provided by you.
    • Doses of Wild YAM blog contains links to other websites from time to time. As such, no responsibility is incumbent on Doses of Wild YAM blog for the privacy policies of those sites or the third-party applications they use.
    • If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to ask YAM via the contacts form.