Menootanabootagain - the Northern Explorer

The Tuesday of our week together saw us riding in Mac3's SUV as we drove further afield in search of several more geocaches - five in total, but only two were successfully located (a common problem in this hobby, with combination of 'muggling' - regular walkers thinking they've found trash and disposing of the cache - of location clues being too obscure and/or the satellite feed for geo-positioning getting blurred by trees and such like), but we saw more of the Bonny Land as a result...

At 'The Mound' we found a bit of history which expanded once more our understanding of the area... you can chose between that  'snapshot' article, or this more technical and scholarly one - or both, if you feel inclined!

Golspie Links Caravan site nestled behind the stone-dunes

View of our holiday home from the other side of Loch Fleet

"..are you SURE it's this tree???..."

Golspie Pier

There will be more shots from this outing and others on tomorrow's Me-Now-Views page... you have been warned!

MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

There is no question that seeking solitude and simply sitting in awareness is a soothing and healing thing...