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Menokreatikkul; The LynGmal...

The LynGmal project is progressing. It is not yet 100%. The armholes require some proper finishing, and a front gusset is needed to fasten the two sides together, but other than that, it's done. Enough to photo and show off. If you thought it was wild earlier, it got wilder! This was always the intention, remember. Something to throw on as an extra layer as I sit here through the winter. It's heavy - basically a wearable blanket. Are you ready? By all means, don sunglasses if you require them...

Now, those of you who read Nobby's repawt about his howliday here at the Hutch will have noted his owning up to the attempted destruction of a certain woollen item of mine. Namely, the beanie. (Thanks, Gail, for recording the sorrowful thing.) However, it did not worry me at all. As several commenters there noted, I now have the opportunity to enhance the item and bring it up to the YAMster's level of fun and feature.  

I had been saying since receiving it a few months back that I needed to work on the trim anyway, as it is actually too big for me. 

Why bother? It was my mother's. Newer readers here may not know, and others may need reminding, that she was a wonder with wool. Literally would shear a sheep and take the fleece all the way from raw to the finished article and win prizes for her spinning and the garments she made with the yarn. This bunnet was not one of those winners. The wool is Merino from West Australia. It's rough. It is far from pretty. But golly, it's warm! So yes, I can certainly mend it and add some contrast and liven it up a bit. Nobby just ensured that I have to do it sooner than later!

The full moon this week... Somehow, the Hisstix wasn't wanting to play - but this image is atmospheric all the same. The planet on show is Mars (I had initially thought Jupiter when Gail asked me, but I wasn't looking properly - Jupiter was over to the west a bit and out of frame). Have a great weekend, everyone.

Menootanaboot; No, You Weren't... Oh Yes I was!

Having been contained by the Hutch's four walls and foul weather for several weeks, it stunned me that when my visitors came earlier this week, the sun also decided to hang out with us. Not just a morning, or one day, or thirty-six hours... it started on Sunday morning and has been shining since! This did mean the temperatures dropped several notches - but we didn't mind that at all. It was about time. Some will have read Nobby's repawt on his stay - for others, here's the link

They arrived before teatime on Sunday afternoon. We just had lots of catch-up natter and a soup and "Scooby" sandwich for our meal. Nobby got an empty Pringle's can to rip into. That's his thing... I mean, you never know where those rats might be hiding, do you? The majority of the Stuffy Clan had been consigned to the suitcase 'camp,' but I did leave a couple out to see what would happen. See below...

On Monday and Tuesday mornings, Gail and Nobby went on serious hikes, first to Glen Massan and then to Puck's Glen. On both occasions, Nobby was tired enough to settle while we two-leggers had lunch ** but it must be said this is one pup with a super dynamo inside! 

Anyway, as the weather was so very kind, I had to take the chance to stretch my underused legs too. On Monday, it was only down to the shore and along the promenade a bit. There was a stiff easterly wind, but it really was glorious. On Tuesday, we went further along the promenade and into the Castle House gardens, then returned via the back streets, admiring a few of the finer buildings as we went. As the sun sets around 15;45 at the moment, by the time we got back into the Hutch on both days, it was time to think about settling in for snuggles and warm food (again with the **). 

Nobby generally likes a snuggle, but he also likes a good tug of war and rough and tumble. He also likes to climb like a mountain goat, sneak like a cat and wriggle like a worm! He's adept at finding all sorts of things to give his shredding expertise a run... So, there was a fair bit of "NO!" and "DOWN!" and "LEAVE IT!" - but really, he's a grand wee chap, and he and I formed our own little understanding. Already by the end of his stay, he was learning that aunty can curl her lip and snarl with the best of dogs! But she is also good for a spinal massage, tummy rub, ear scritch, nose tickle and even a wee smoocheroonie. I was greatly honoured to be the recipient of an ear cleaning from his soft tongue and a good sniffing around the mouth and eyes, ensuring I met his exacting grooming standards. 

Then there were the random sofa guardian stuffies that I suspected would catch his eye and which I was glad that he enjoyed so much. Scooby the nightie case and Gilly the Silly Giraffey became his defacto prey for his three evenings here. They were well ravaged - and survived intact! They shall henceforth be known as Nobby's Gnaw-buddies. There were other things, too, such as the cardboard 'bones' and the empty yoghurt pot - and its lid. Nobby could well gain employment as a one-dog demolition derbot!

He would have loved to have had a go at the Meeses, but they remained unbothered. The same might not be said about Malachi and Balthazar, two of the wise men from the Nativity set in the tree. Moving the window seat to form a gate ensured their safety... mostly. We won't mention the beanie. Well, not just now, anyway.

Before we knew it, the time came to say farewell once more. I so enjoyed the company, the canine capers and the conversation, as well as sharing my cooking.

** The soup I mentioned was a rib-sticking Potato and Leek; the Scooby (triple-decker Club) Sandwich had lettuce, tomato, Gouda cheese and veggie sausages. 

Monday's lunch was oatcakes with grazing cheese (Brie and Stilton), pomegranate, dates, almonds, hazelnuts and cranberry sauce. The evening meal was Chole Bhatura (chickpea curry and fried roti), Bhindi Bhaj (sauteed okra) and Dahi Mirch Chatni (yoghurt with chilli and coriander).

Tuesday's lunch; the remains of the soup with a toasted sandwich containing vacon and Emmental cheese. The evening meal was a kinda-sorta Christmassy thing... the remaining veggie sausages with potato and parsnip buttery mash, steamed carrots and broccoli, fricasseed Brussels sprouts (butter, sprouts, walnuts, cashew nuts, Italian herbs, seasoning and cranberry sauce). Waaaaaaay more than I would usually eat in one sitting, but golly, it was good and all the better for sharing it.

Yes, there were breakfasts - porridge and toast/crumpets with fruit.

We did not go hungry!

Menoizikul; Midweek Musicalisms

It's December and, as you may have come to expect around here, the musical options will reflect the festive season. I am going a little left of field for this year's selection (and something special for Christmas Day). 

The first offering is from the feel-good, mood-raising movie Sister Act. The hymn for Mary The Blessed Virgin is given an up-tempo vibe that is hard not to smile at. Little more to be said about it, really, except that watching this clip made me want to watch the movie all over again!