'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical - Words for Words' Sake - A REPOST

This image was snatched at Montrose Harbour on the train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh.  It seemed nothing... and then...

grey the day
rattling by
battleship sea
silvered the sky
mottled carpet
dappled ceil
bridge with blue
under wheel
land is lost
between the two
silos blank
awaiting crew
all seems naught
twixt ‘n’ tween
till bright flash
of yellow seen
but the train
pulls us on
we blink and
the bright is gone

(c) Yamini Ali MacLean 2014
We have had to say farewell to our darling diva, an elder of Blogville, Madison D Cat. We are sad, but none more so than her wonderfurs peeps. I shall be joining a memorial bloghop next week. If you knew Madi and have not heard about the hop, then CLICK HERE.

Me-Now-Views; Less Speak More Peek

Thank you all for putting up with the onslaught of images since the 'great break'... they at least keep me in the ether. Couldn't keep me away!!! Next few LSMP posts will be leftovers from my hectic summer...

Menorgimaelstrome; something different

Last Monday, Mac1 drove me back to the Hutch to check for mail, then up to the Inverclyde Hospital fracture clinic for the one week review of the wrist injury (all good, next appt 8th October). After this, we made a day of it by heading to the Port Glasgow shopping park for a grocery gathering, clothes browse and to collect a picnic lunch. We drove down beside the shoreline to eat and watched as a hoard of seabirds capered in the water in front of us.

We got curious. Numerous Herring Gulls, as well as Black-headed and Caspian Gulls (a rare visitor here), plus a handsome heron, cormorant and a pair of female mergansers were frolicking - yes, I say frolicking!

Out of the car and over to the barrier we went, where peering into the gently lapping water of the Clyde we saw a large shoal of whitebait being press-ganged into the shingle by a voracious bunch of mackeral. Mac1 whipped out her trusty 'me-tab' thingy and took a couple of piccies as well as some vid footage. Look closely - the dark swirling below the surface is not seaweed, but fish; you'll also see silver flashes as the whitebait attempt to flee...right onto the shingle and into birds beaks!!!