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Menoturals; Saturday Sounds

This will be the penultimate offering from the Great Down Under Parts birdlife for this year. I shared with you one of the many Cockatoos that are to be found in OZ... I thought you might like this short film which explores many of the others and tells you a bit more about them.

Menoinggg...Another Boomerang With Paws On

Yesterday we went back to 2015 and the date of 22nd September. Which is actually today...but here now I present you a reprint of the post from the 21st September of that year. I swapped them because this post resulted in my scribbling some nonsense verse in response to a prompt... which lends itself very well to being next week's boomerang (and here's the plug!)

So read the following and then hold your breath until next Friday to find out the tale that was told! (One or two of you may remember this...)

"...What are you looking at???"
This cat appeared in the father's garden on the day I was down photographing a bunch of bonny blooms.
There was some 'cattitude' going down...

I was mesmerised... I mean... wouldn't you be?

I couldn't help it; I just HAD to ask... I mean, who could resist?!

"You seriously expect me to answer that??!"
eerrrrrr, well, you can't wiggle your whiskers at me and loll on the wall like that and expect me not to ask.

Menoingggg... It's A Boomerang Post

On this day in 2015... No, let me start again. On this day, plus one in 2015, I quite virtually time-travelled. Or had an adventure in time. That's what museums are for, right? I posted on the 22nd the following two piccies with this little screed about it. 

The clock mentioned here is about the size of your average household telly these days (in terms of the face and dial dimensions). I arrived in the nick of time - the lass needed help winding up one of those gravity wires mentioned above... yes! I actually got to work the winch!!!


You can read the full post with more piccies from the National Museum of Scotland if you click here!

Why didn't I use the item from the 21st post of that year? Come back tomorrow and find out...