Menoc***; ...

Holey-malinky Menogal, yez missed a posting!!! It has been a long time since I didn't get something out on time.

I has an ex-plane-nayshun.

NANOWRIMO. Yup, it has been dominating my days and this weekend past I hit the fifty thousand words and then some.

That means that I met the target set by the system itself. However, having let the main character quite literally take the lead, and by just following along in wonder, I now know there is probably another fifty kay to go. Possibly triple or quadruple that. No way of knowing.

I can see the far end. How we get there is going to be the interesting bit. At least I hope so.

Oh yes, there's going to have to be some culling, some chopping, some sifting, some shifting before the article is presentable; but there may be something worth the having in here.

If not, it's a lot of fun anyway, and the main goal of re-setting writing discipline into each day is working.

My apologies, then, for having missed the deadline - but here I am and all is well!!!

MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

Okay, this one may stretch some of you a bit... Heart Chakra Chanting. The symbol for the heart is... YAM (yes it is!) - pronounced more towards 'yum', rather than the longer 'yaam' of my own name; still heart is at the centre of me, so will take it!

Menorise; Saturday Sayings

"I never found a companion that was as so companionable as solitude."
(Henry David Thoreau)