Menoguddling; what you find when you're not digging

I struggle to recall exactly how it came about; was on a research gig online (as is my wont), that much I do know. This is the blog of the no-wummins-land which is menopolyxinaemia, remember. More to the point, I do not. Remember.  If it happened sometime in the last ten minutes, it is sure to be lost in the grey matter. Make that ten weeks. Months... I digress. Another part of menosoup. Menosoup being the symptomatology of menopolyxinaemia.

Moving on. The thing I came across was this artist's generous offering of fun. Reading the instructions is essential for getting started. Here is the first of my efforts from it.

Well, to be fair, only the actual spiro came from the site. Having downloaded the file, I then worked infill colour in Paint. It is another, different, way to create mandalas. Something made me ask the question, and I came upon this second site offering similar.

There are no instructions for this one, but it doesn't take too much experimentation to work it out. In some respects, I found it more flexible. Both will take practice to get any worthwhile results. Again, I downloaded and then tinkered with Paint and Phoxo.

Did you have a Spirograph set as kids? It was one of my favourtist toys. That and Etchasketch. Then the Meccano set, and aeroplane models. We were an equal opportunity family. Those that wanted prams got one. If we wanted the chemistry kit and soldering iron, there was no 'that's for boys' muttered or 'how about a toy kitchen set?' If you wanted to help grind down the valves in the car engine with your father, you were welcomed. Gender no barrier. Thanks dad.