'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Me-now-views; the Less Speak More Peek spot...

AS activities have been severely curtailed, including photography, am resorting to a repost (and may do for a few weeks...)

From November 2013, when the LSMP posts were just beginning.

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

Sigh... and cooooolllllldddd!!!

It's getting me ready for Scotland.

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

The good thing is the bush fires are now quelled...

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

Menocreatikul; How We Doin'?

I have to admit, I am rather enjoying a silent Edinburgh. The birds are definitely singing more clearly, probably because they are not competing with nose-to-tail traffic noise. Any traffic noise. It's lovely. Shame for the reason.

Meanwhile, having dashed back to the Hutch for a four-day respite, I brought back with the yarn I had earmarked for a scarf for myself. It is started, and I hope to finish it before Easter.

If anyone else is interested, this is the pattern.

When I got to the Hutch, it was a joy to find it still in place... but was glad I had made the effort to go. The combi-boiler was red-lighted and there was no hot water or heating. The pressure had dropped to zero. So I had to go into maintenance mode and switch off, reset, let it do its diagnostics and half an hour later, all good. Have no idea how long it would have been like that, but will need to keep more regular tabs.

Also, make sure this lot behave. I swear they have been having a party while I've been absent - and they clearly didn't get the memo about social distancing...

I travelled by car. Father very generously permitted the hire of a vehicle, so that Mac1 and I don't have to deal with public transport. (Her car off the road due to need for an engine part... and as it's French and all of France is shut down, it could be quite some time before she gets it back!)

Deep breaths, everyone.

MenoSundays; Life Lived Lovingly

A timely message, one feels... it is down to each of us individually to honour the 'shelter at home' (I much prefer that American phrase over the UK's 'self-isolation') guidelines, the hygiene guidelines and the shopping guidelines in order that the family, community and society around us can work through these times and come out the other side in a state to rebuild sensibly. (Maybe for that last bit I do have the rose tints on...Mankind has a dreadful habit of seeking status quo!)