Menoducational - of sorts

Yes, being slightly lazy this side... but I think you'll like this.

Having not trawled Vimeo for several months, I had a bit a glut on it since I got back. Always something a bit different from your average to be found there! This video was fascinating, not least because I have particular interest in care and enrichment for the sight-deprived... (I developed a hand code system for colours with The Maestro).  The expansion of 'vision' is something we all could learn. Interestingly, and as a complete aside to this, a program I have been enjoying wherein amateurs are vying for 'potter of the year' asked the contestants - in the very same week I found this vid - to throw a dish whilst blindfolded!!! It was amazing what came out of that. Anyway. Enough from me. Enjoy.

Please Touch the Art from Cantor Fine Art on Vimeo.

Menoducational; Keeping Thursdays Meaningful

Originally, 'serious Thursdays' were for the actual YAMster menomoirs, but got halted on those and am still fighting an inner debate as to whether to restart. Anyway, by default, my role as OoWaC meant that needed a regular space for showcasing items of concern and global or community interest. Not least among concerns, of course, is environment and the critters within it. This beautiful film brings forth some interesting info and highlights what needs to be done to avert yet another extinction.

Black and White from Dustin Adamson on Vimeo.

Menokakkuls - midweek mood lifters

You will recall there was a bit of a menoloop from the YAMster on Monday, regarding home repairs... she was feeling a bit like this beaver. Much in need of a few smiles...

'Sall for now folks...