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Menolyrical; Final Friday Fiction

Welcome to the end of October... Thanks to each of you who take up the challenge - but also to all who come and read.


What happened?! One minute one colour, the next another

and that too from one day, this, and the next... oh brother

there you are all dressed in lime - no, yellow - wait - orange

There's no keeping up with your wistfulness so strange

glimmering bright on the greyest of days, this long week

Something about it tears at my heart, makes my eyes leak...

© YAM 2020

Menopticatering; Taking Part

Over at Molly's place, I spotted she'd participated in a little 'scavenger hunt', which originated from a blog called ''Hootin' Anni's Day Trippin''. I've seen that lady around on comments of other blogs, but have never connected there. However, my imagination was sparked and inspiration bloomed for a post to fill today. So whilst I am not actually participating fully, here is my interpretation of the ten 'clues'.

Anni's pointers were thus:
Okay... well, I have a habit of photographing signs, so my challenge was which to share with you. I figured a warning sign would be as good as any!

Something seasonal? Well, it's autumn, the time of harvest and when all the wild fruits provide the nourishment the wildlife need to store up for winter. Here are some crab apples, ripe and ready:

A yellow leaf? Here you are...

What's next? Oh yes, something miniature. This little moth in India was scarcely more than an inch from proboscis to wingtip!

Then comes the pumpkin...

This is followed by something containing a date or dates... how about a little glimpse at the family tree?

Now we have 'anything lighted'... well, I could have bucked out and said the pumpkin above doubles for this one. But I won't...

Then we have the decorated door to contend with. I realise only now that I have not shown the actual door of this old phonebox... but let me reassure you that all three glass sides (which includes the door) were decorated thusly.

Now for an author's name in print - I have chosen a museum article regarding the bouncing bomb and how it was tested in the loch up behind the Hutch... author, "Mark Smith".

Last, but far from least, the mystery image... clue; anti-bacterial and healing properties are purported... place your guesses in the comments below. I will reveal the answer on Monday!

Menoizikul; Midweek Musicalisms

I hope you have been enjoying the exploration of the theremin in concert mode. To finish this little selection, not a concert, but a lovely collaboration with a traditional Arabic instrument, the oud.