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Memoir Index

A visitor was curious about the Menoculayshunal posts - the memoir posts related to my coming through meno and studying vocationally at Sandeepany. In pointing to the 'label,' I realised that there are a lot and will be more and Blogger, of course, is hopeless at putting them in the correct order. As this is quite a serious series (yes, I actually typed that...) and I kind of need to keep tabs on myself, too, this page will list the posts in the correct order and indicate the content. Remember, these started out as random blog posts - a systematic approach of sorts began to develop. These are primarily reminiscences with interspersed deep and meaningful stuff. It might, one day, become something more solid...

I will not put the initial post in full as much of it was just 'guff'... but here is the end of that post as a form of primer. It is edited, and additions are in italics. If you really wish to read the original, it is here - "Looking At Thinking."

What is this image?

That place is Saraswati Nilaya, the hall of learning on Sandeepany Ashram, where I spent the most incredible, intense, inspirational, immersive two and a half years of my life. I shall spend the rest of this life thinking about what was thought and discussed there. The course of study was titled "Advaita Vedanta, Sanskrit and Indology." It is taken in the gurukula study-form, which equates to seminary for priests. Those who take the robes are called Brahmachari/ni or Swami/ni... (m/f). It is a PhD course in scope, but in the Sanskrit tradition, one does not become a 'doctor' but instead earn the appellation of 'Vedantaachaarya' (if not taking robes). It quite literally means 'end-of-knowledge-teacher', or, if you prefer, professor. 

Which looks very bold on the page... but fails entirely to adequately address the experience.

All this leads to the announcement that 'Menoculayshunal' posts will try and share some inkling of that experience. Part of the process will expect you to have questions and be encouraged to ask them. I can't promise entirely satisfactory answers. These posts will not be about teaching you (that is over on Aatmaavrajanam blog)... they will be about revealing 'me' as a universal being... or at least, the little human doing her best to connect with that Higher Self. They will be about the process of thinking and then the application. They will be about the experience of uprooting from one tradition to another, absorbing - and being absorbed by - another culture. Most of all, they will be about the process of being human.

The Thinking Titles

Post OneIf we cannot love ourselves, how can we ever hope to properly, appropriately, Love others?
Post Two - in which we get the potted history of the YAMster's 'explorations.'
Post Three - the jumblement and the need to sort it - leading into the connection with CM
Post Four - Yamini arrives - and leaves. Look out, India.
Post Five - where menosoup meets Mission
Post Six - more on the matter of thinking - and our relationship to it

The Settling In

Post Seven - basic settling in
Post Eight - Fear and how to face it
Post Nine - breaking stats (or safety is relative)
Post Ten - orientation
Post Eleven - images (like being there)

Physical Sustenance

Post Twelve - Feeding and nourishment
Post Thirteen - Festival feasting


Post Fourteen - The A-Z round-up and Vocational Imperative
Post Fifteen - Hari Om

The Structured Day

Post Sixteen - pre-breakfast part one
Post Seventeen - pre-breakfast part two
Post Eighteen - mornings
Post Nineteen - afternoons
Post Twenty - evenings

Some Explanation of the Exploration

Post Twenty One - gathering thoughts and library list
Post Twenty Two - why would one bother?

A Few Characters

Post Twenty Three - People Peeks 1 (workers)
Post Twenty Four - People Peeks 2 (batchmates)
Post Twenty Five - People Peeks 3 (visitors)
Post Twenty Six - People Peeks 4 (teachers)
Post Twenty Seven - People Peeks 5 (HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayayanda)

UtsavaaH - Festivals

Post Twenty Eight - intro to festivals and Onam
Post Twenty Nine - further discussion on the place of festivals, Chaturthi and Janmashtami
Post Thirty - Navratri, Deepavali and Christmas...and more
Post Thirty-One - Maha Shivratri
Post Thirty-Two - Ram-Navami

The Tenets of Being

Post Thirty-Three - being me - personal p.o.v.
Post Thirty-Four - being you - on the matter of caste
Post Thirty-Five - being we - on the matter of karma