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Capital 'Ell'

Live under the influence of capital 'ell' Love. 

The Love that passes all understanding. 

The Love that knows no bounds. 

The Love that is truly selfless and undemanding. 

The Love that responds only with compassion, but not without toughness where required. 

The Love that frees and does not bind.

The Love expressed by a simple smile, and that can change a stranger's day.

The Love that knows how to give - and when to give.

The Love that accepts, where nothing else will do.

The Love that forgives, even in remembrance of pain.

The Love that knows the universal nature of our connections and seeks always to nourish them... and

The Love that can sit in angst and prayer for those who face times and places in which that Love has become thin, damaged, eroded...

Love does prevail. It is the candle in the darkened room. It only takes one match to light it. 


YAM's Eternal Flame and Prayer

YAM's Eternal Flame and Prayer

May each find in their heart a sense of peace. 
May each find in their heart the way to peace. 
May each find in their heart True Love Divine. 
May each find in their heart peace and only peace. 
You, too, can light a candle and leave a prayer. Click the image.