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Menothority [men-oh-Thor-it-eee]; the condition of being experienced in menopolyxinaemic mayhem and thunder.

NAME; Yamini Ali MacLean…. (YAM)

BORN; April 26th

NATIONALITY; Scottish by birth, Australian by naturalisation, Indian by spiritualisation!

You can read the emerging menomoirs on the MacHistory pages. Suffice to say it has been a journey and it’s not over yet… This blog serves to let off steam, share life, allow creativity, educate, amuse and cackle… Man, can I cackle…

…of course, if you’re really curious or would like to share a worry, you can always ask a question. It may turn out to be the prompt for a post.  You have been warned!

Office of Wellness and Concerns

As of 12th January 2015, I have the honour of carrying ministership in the Office of Wellness and Concerns (OoWaC) for Blogville.  I am not a genius, but I am a terrific package of experience. Life and Lord have seen to it that I have travelled widely, studied variously, qualified severally. All this serves to show me that there is still a great deal to learn! Undoubtedly, though, I have a few tools and tricks which may be of help.

Please use this contacts box responsibly.

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Dioscorea Villosa 

Photo from Google Images

There are around 600 varieties of 'yam' in the world but less than 20 species are edible. This particular member of the family is the much touted Wild Yam for use in all things gynaecological.  

As a Homoeopathic Physician, I do not prescribe herbs, but the homoeopathic equivalents and they are individualised to the person, not the disease or disorder. For myself, I have successfully used two medicines in combo for the hot flushes and headaches. Neither of them being from Wild Yam.

Haven't yet discovered the magic potion for memory decay, I have to say.

Definitely there are good, natural, alternatives to synthetic hormone replacement therapy. The key thing is that everyone should be assessed individually. There really is no single cure-all. Check your local directories for reputable, registered, ancillary health professionals. 

A key aspect to surviving the 'change' years though is balance.  In everything.  

And hefty doses of cackling.  

So take daily doses of this Wild YAM for relief of irritability and mood swings!!

Lots of Love (with the capital ell).  YAM xx