What You See Is What You Get. This is a journal blog, an explore-blog, a bit of this and that blog. Sharing where the mood takes me. Perhaps it will take you too.


Yamini Ali MacLean - the initials are used for signoffs, hence YAM. Scottish born, Australian naturalised, Indian spiritualised. 
YAM, after a few years in general admin, found her feet in computing and became an IT professional.  Life carries one along. She became a banker,  whilst she studied and finally qualified as a Homoeopathic physician and Counsellor, with additional modalities of Nutrition, Remedial Therapies & Sports Massage.

Life kept moving and the underlying presence of spiritual curiosity and profound experiences finally brought YAM to the Chinmaya Mission in Sydney. There was found the next chapter, which saw her attend Sandeepany Sadhanalaya Gurukula in Mumbai. From there she emerged as a  Vedantaachaarya (Advaita Vedanta and Indology). Rather than take the yellow robes, YAM opted to return to the world. She also 'repatriated' and found a wee corner of the Scottish (Bonny Land) West Coast to reside and meditate, write and teach, through the online medium of blogging. 
Doses of Wild YAM
Begun in 2013, Doses of Wild YAM blog is written by Yamini Ali MacLean (aka 'YAM'). The blog is best described as a memoir and magazine-style presentation and covers an eclectic range of subjects. It is a personal site to which the public has access for commenting and connecting. Aside from the legislation regarding privacy, you should know that YAM holds confidentiality to be essential in her communications with followers of this blog. Any contact made will be due to you having provided your email willingly and for personal use only.
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The menomoirs began as a safety-valve, a letter-offer-of-steam, at the time when climacteric was ...peaking. The posts were all begun with 'meno' because they were essentially coming from that frustrating time... things are calming now, but the menorhythm remains. As it says in the banner, it began because it could, it continues because it can. There used to be a 'menoctionary' page; it is a bit obsolete now, but the cause of the MENO-bloggy needs to be remembered, hence this paragraph.

Dioscorea Villosa 

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