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Menomonomumal [men-oh-mon-oh-moo-mal]; the condition of being unable to form coherent sentences.

One of the things that has caused me stress in recent years is the loss of short-term memory power.  Okay, that's old news for many and for a great number of others, something to be ignored until it arrives.

Trouble is you never notice it arriving.  It's only after the event that it dawns on you - or someone else knocks you round the head to help you realise.

That's where your circle of good friends and family come in handy.   Provided you can remember where you left them.  If they're really good they'll come looking for you. Pure love knows no impediment.  It might make you pay with constant reminders of your misdemeanor, but only in a forgiving, leg-breaking kind of way.  Said group of people will also be very adaptable to your altering language skills.

Take for instance the situation where one is in the early stages of what is going to be more than a decade of miserable and ever-changing internal processes that affect one's mental and emotional, not to mention physical, stability.  Medical science has a name for it, but part of the process for oneself is to resist use of that particular term.  So many other words get used.  In the initial stages of course there is denial - indeed ignorance.  There is no explaining how the butter got into the oven all by its ownsome.  One also tries to distance oneself by use of the objective (third) person.  Perhaps that ought to read objectionable.

So many other words?  Yes. Please understand, I am not a blasphemer and do find the use of such language shocking to the system.  For one extended spell of a few months, however,  the words were astounding.  Most are unprintable.  Given that most of them were also pure fabrication, many were unpronounceable, .  Well, now, anyway.  At the time I managed fine but that's only because, at the time, the brain was absent and therefore not getting in the way of word production.  Useless bit of material at times, the brain.

The thing is it all makes sense whilst the saying of it is being done.  It's only the blank stare on the other side of the space between the speaker and the spoken-to which indicates there has been a problem in communication.

The real trouble comes when asked to repeat what has been said.  This is an actual impossibility.  First, the words were original artworks, one-offs, with colour hues indiscernible to the human ear. There are plenty more coming from the same source, but they themselves can never be the same.  Once uttered, they become unutterable.

Second, it requires short-term memory power.  "Got none of that happening" is what dawns in that awful moment.

Thus, dear reader, at this early point in proceedings pertaining to Wild YAM, you have been warned.  I cannot truly account for what follows due to having been infected with menomonomumal.


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