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Menoshukhi [men-oh-sook-hee]; the condition of being sentimental.

One of the things that can be got away with at this time of life is emotional outburst.  I was never overly sentimental about anything.  Menosoup changed that.  One day watching a news item that would not normally have affected me, tears were pouring out of the optical orifices.  No sobbing.  No heaving of the breast.  Just leaking.  To honour this peculiarity, each Monday a sukhi post will be made.  Go on, I defy anyone not to go 'awwwwwww…'

This is a photo of my wee girl Jade when she was just 3 months.  We had 14 wonderful years together.  She started out the way she intended to go on -

  • intelligent, (eg; "look Ma, there's something in that water and I am NOT going near it till you've sorted it" - so I flushed the deadly Sydney Funnel Web spider and renewed the water.  Hooter, the neighbouring bull terrier proved not all canines are of equal brain power. Vet, vet and more vet.) -
  • enquiring, (eg, "Ma, is there any good reason you want me to jump through that hoop?" - eerr, it's fun? - "No.  It is not.  Hoop-jumping I leave to you.  Just throw the ball will you!") -
  • caring (eg. "Ma! Ma! Come quick, Jasper's stuck up the tree!"  Jasper being the Cat brother.  Brilliant climber.  Lousy at abseiling.) -
  • loving (eg. "Oh, CrazyDogCracklyPopz - I'm lovin' those!" - alternatively, "come here Ma, let me snuggle you out of the bed".)

Now please take note of the stance.  This canny wee lass figured out the camera lens was a good thing at this age already - she became a life-long camera hound!

Each week I will build you a picture of the J's because I think you'll love them too. 
Anyway, it's my menoshukhi, so I'll sigh if I want to… sigh if I want to... (sorry Carly Simon)

There's more "awww" over at BOZO's place and 'awe' at Monday's Critters.


  1. My favourite so far, doesn't she look a beauty. I have read bits of it to Lady Victoria and she said she agrees balls are much more fun than jumping through a hoop.

  2. Hari OM
    Why thank you Lady V. I think you and the J-Dog would have got on famously!

  3. Super like. What about pretending not to like the roti's but hoping Aunty Mah and mum would leave a couple. I like the menosoukhi day.


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