Menotonal [meh-not-oh-nul]; the condition of daily grind.


Apologies Dear Reader, you are witness to bloodshed.  No, on 2nd thoughts I will not post the piccie of the finger I just massacred. 

What has this to do the cost of milk?

Well, due 2 being a wee bit under the pressure of assignment deadlines, things are feeling a tad - well- I hate 2 say it, but yes...  Bored is not a word that has ever entered my vocab & it will not even now,; but you just know, don't you, that wild YAM has got an equivalent!  Yup.  Am feeling a slight case of menotonal has descended upon me.

Not with the subject.  Gosh no.  But these few little beastlies - errr, essays - have to conform to a particular structure and despite all my claims of appreci8ing systems & patterns, it seems the menobaddy aspect of my nature is looming large right now.

Anyway, can't give u more than this 2day.  Due 2 the deadlines and also the massacred finger.  Sorry about the 'code' - have had 2 resort 2 typing with only the unmauled hand. 

Apparently this reduces one's phenomenal k/brd speed 2 << half.  Imagine that.


Pearl said...

Well for heaven's sake! Watch those fingers and come back when you are better!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh you can't keep this gal down!