…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolectrical [men-oh-leck-trick-ul]; the condition of lighting up the world

Perhaps not the world. 

Have held off on this report for a couple of reasons.  One, it had to be established that things happen around YAM, through no fault of her own, other than she got in the way.  Second, I didn't want to scare you.

This occurred some months ago.  Not long after having a bit of a rearrangement in my quarters whereby I could actually use the desk in the capacity for which it was intended.  That is to say, with a computer on it, a keyboard, a mouse and so on. Not as a general storage unit.  This also afforded the opportunity to have a civilised eating area.  Not the lap.  Okay, so far so good.

Part of the purpose of this was to access more readily the power point in the room.  I was using a multi-plug board out of the main socket there and other than Voo-voo the laptop, the OnePot1der also sat on the corner.  

So it goes like this.

Myself returns from evening class, ready for a meal of paneer, veges and rice.  Everything cut and prepared, the pot gets turned on and …..phhsszzzt.  The reset button gets pressed and again …..phhsszzzt.  Now, my father was of the electrical persuasion, so I grew up learning the language of that great mystical power called "the Light".  Phhsszzzt translates as "sorry, not working today, this unit is on strike".  Surely not.  The pot is a mere four months old.  Try again please.  To facilitate a rethink on the part of "the Light", a withdrawal of the plug of the multiboard from the socket is considered a useful ploy.  I think you'll agree this is not out of order?

As said, I grew up knowing a thing or two about "the Light".  "The Light", dear daddy would say, "is to be respected at all times.  This," (item dangled before me), "is an electrical screwdriver.  If you are going to stick anything in a socket other than a plug, this would be the instrument of choice.  If you are going to touch anything of an electrical nature, ensure the wearing of rubber shoes and dryness of hand."  That sort of advice is ingrained.

In Vedanta, a common example used to explain the substratum principle of consciousness is to refer to "the Light" in place of Brahman and all electrical equipments are inert matter, just as the body is - until it receives the driving force to make it function.  The example has its limitations, but works well when introducing the topic to the uninitiated and the slow.  One thing I noticed was that Acharya-ji often  referred to folk sticking their finger in sockets and receiving 'direct experience' - this is the analogy for Realisation of God.  I have to admit, I've been wondering if this is something many Indians go around doing, fingers in sockets I mean.  One of the little brothers advised me that, here, one does not actually have to put the finger IN the socket...

This was just as mystifying. Until I went to withdraw the plug of the multiboard. 

[At the scene] - I am standing on a tile floor, in bare feet; it is not good form to wear shoes in the home. Therefore I kneel on the foam rubber seat just beneath.  I have been cutting veges, so wipe my hands on the tea towel.  The plug is of high-quality, 21st century standard.  The socket is not made of bakelite, but a kind of modern polymer equivalent.  First action?  Put the switch in the OFF position. [End scene-setting.]

I didn't get as far as the plug.  It was the switch which was alive.  You thought I was going to disobey all the rules of respect, didn't you?   I'm menosoupal.  Not mad.   I stuck nothing of me into anything of "the Light" and still it came upon me.  In this respect it truly is an earthly representation of God.  The words I spoke under the influence of this mystical injection could be loosely translated as "Oh my word".  The birds and insects resident on the fence may have more accurate interpretations.  I am only grateful I was already in a kneeling position.

After this initial amazing moment, I decided I wasn't quite ready for the enormity of Realisation.  A dry sponge cloth was obtained and the action repeated, this time without incident.

Now, you'd think I might have rethought the plans for eating that night, what?  Not this gal.  Over to the other wall where another socket is available.  The pot now operates over on the second bed.  Not convenient, but it had dawned on me that perhaps it and Voo-voo together were drawing just too much power.  This wasn't the case I discovered at a later date when trying another item of the three-pronged plug style. The terminal itself is doing the phsszzzting, not any of the equipments. (Voo-voo's two-pronged insertment is unaffected, in the same socket. I don't have the answer to that question.) 

Not my room, but an example of the
workmanship round here..
I might mention here that the entire socket 'placket' is not entirely stable on the wall.   Maybe I ought not.

(HHmmm.  Should I mention that other switches in the room are heating up also?  I keep dry hands at all times.)

Since this report is being made, it is clear that no damage was done… (Some may wish to debate that.)

Why did I not call in the electrician?   What?! The Sparky who did this amazing piece of work on the left?  He's the fellow who, when recently asked to install a security camera system, directed one of the helpers to dig a trench for the wiring. 

 In itself not an inappropriate request.  He didn't supervise though, (not sure it would have made any difference).  Assigned idiot  highly qualifed digger-upperer removed the little iron plaque from the ground which advertised "Khateraa!  XXXvolts", that being the main channel for all wiring on the grounds.  Okay, so he was adding one more collection of wires and had to find the conduit..… by cutting into the ground with an iron rod.  No blueprints showing exact location.  No rubber-handled spade for the worker.  Oh you don't need me to paint that picture do you?

We were without power for most of the day.  The nincompoop experienced worker lives.  The Sparky is still employed here.  I have learned to live with what's already available.  Things can go from the devil you know to all sorts of unfamiliarity in no time at all.  Best leave things be.

If you find yourself in Sydney, Edinburgh or New York being able to read your paper in a light brighter than even the Sun can provide, consider the possibility Wild YAM has attained Realisation of "the Light".


  1. Nothing else to say other than You need to get it checked out. I know names have been called of the experienced, but get it checked out. Watching matrix according to s Vedanta is the theme in the movie. And guess what discussion about electricity in the movie.

  2. Ouch! Perhaps you ought to change the wording on your comment form for the time being, until the electricity is fixed. :-) Since my expertise doesn't extend to anything more than changing a plug, I can only wish you well in your efforts to get it sorted out.

  3. Hari Om
    Thanx for your concern ladies. This took place some 5 months ago and nothing further to report. We're trundling along respectfully, "the Light" and I! If I tell you that 8 months have gone by since I reported the inoperative nature of our building's water filter, you will perhaps understand why I'm not pushing this. Why bother when residents can walk a mere half mile to the filter that IS working? Hey ho. I love it hear. I truly do. All part of the fabric. &>

  4. I would have thought that k would have tried to sortbitbout. But then again maybe he has bigger things to sort out. How's the BIG kitchen. Changes perhaps?

  5. Hari Om
    Oh our Bhai was to the fore, believe me - but even he has to sail with the prevailing winds!


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