…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical [men-oh-lir-rick-ul]; the condition of conversational disco-ordination. Chatterbox snippets of an insomniac.

Okay, been a bit heavy lately.  Something to lift the mood and demonstrate what happens when one menopolyxinaemic natters with another on the mattergy of strategy…  what you need to know is that there are three persons on the opposite end from me.

Aitch;  I came third by one point

me:  Third. Well at least it wasn't last....

Aitch: No that's a blessing

me: are you not having a return match?

Aitch: Yes just having a break while the girls are singing

 me: ohh what tune?

Aitch: All kinds to a quiz on TV

me------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^____________no kara yokey!

Aitch: Nearly it is a quiz called Pointless and you have to get a pointless answer to win!!!!

me: :-|

Aitch: I know sorry

: right - plan of action for game two. Grab a couple extra tiles. They'll never notice if you put 'em on yer knee

Aitch: H-two would

me: smart gal. I would too - silly idea. Okay, then plan B. get the dictionary out

Aitch: H-two does not allow looking up words. Have you guessed she won?

me: tartar-ess. ...e-thesauralookerupper?
  codified imprints on the finger tips?
  inscriptions on the nibblies?

Aitch: Just a minute I'll work it out

 me: remember say out loud … I got it! celery.Celery sticks carry messages I'm sure they do

Aitch: I will suggest it as she has her phone next to her all the time

me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa got her!

Aitch: No celery, sticks but how about leeks

me: it's just an electronic celery stick after all, the eye-fone thing. Yes they could leek the news on H-two's tiles

Aitch: Let me think about that one

 me: she and I are gonna have to have a match next year....

Aitch; Yes please but she wont want to loose

me: the only way to know your the king is to play pauper once in a while
  aaaahhhgg philosophy at 1:15am!

I know... add in the letter ज्ञ  (pronounced as in gnya). That's worth 4 zillian points.  Hindi scrabble. I gotto go find that now.  Think I might stand a chance then?

Aitch: no she would say that's not a word

me: It absolutely is… well no, it's a letter.  But you can make words with it.  If you know the language it belongs to

Aitch: she is a monkey

 me: aahh well that's an Indian thing right there also... I've got phtotottoes to prove it

Aitch: that's true I have my own language and no one believes me

me: haaah you're talking to ME - MENO Maniac!  There's the thing... menobble. Scrabble for ladies of a certain age…

No.  Something about that lends the wrong image...

Aitch: Love the black and shite sun on today's TAKE

me: …………….!! Okay, am on the floor again....I know it's innocent but oh so funny

but thanks. I think

Aitch: okay okay white

me: snorttttt

There you have it Dear Reader.  Menosoup has much to answer for. 

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  1. Aitch and yam, were you two like this in school? I feel inadequate really! Speaking of scrabble there is an app called words for friends. And I love it. Hindi words no chance. Having a mother who taught elocution has a lot to answer for. Making thosai as they say in Tamil, or Dosa if you are from the country you are in. Tissera and wife coming for dinner. That's the high commissioner for Sri Lanka a class mate of niranjans. Nira is on his way. Made veg iced cake for Nira and hanuman Ji. Will try a hook up on the week-end. Keep it together girls. I am trying to.


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