…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoysterical [men-oh-iss-tiry-cul]; the condition of being in fits

A couple get married
Order of Service - courtesy of Our Friend
Tomorrow is the second wedding anniversary of Wills and Kate.


You know.  Prince William of Britain and the girl of his dreams?  Now she's well on the way to providing the next heir-in-waiting.

Not interested?  Neither am I all THAT much to be honest.  Aitch is the Royalist and records keeper in our gang.  Always was good with dates and who belonged to whom.  Am not cold-hearted about it.  Simply indifferent.  But I can hold my own on the main characters at least.  There was some wedding that took place in Edinburgh during the two months I was there prior to coming to Mumbai about which, however, I can tell you nothing. 

Aitch came and stayed for a week and entertained us all with her preparations for where she was going to stand and wave her flag.  I took her down the Royal Mile to orientate her and scout out locations.  I have that much interest - but mainly in support of my dear friend's passionate hobby and not necessarily of the actors in the play.

That I recall the W&K event is due not to my YAMarazzi side.  Rather, it is to the connection with another of our ex-school circle.  It is a matter of public domain, so I am free to report it, but also cannot, in this instance, feign any kind of "privacy naming", due to the available internet offerings.  You see, there was a flurry of reporting on the matter of a pair of shoes.

Not shoes exactly.  More your soft-wear sneaker-like variety.

The Royal-watchers amongst you will already be onto it.  OOHHH that…

She it was who produced the weekly comic at school, incurring both delight and wrath, having a wicked sense of humour and a good eye for the ridiculous.  She hasn't lost that I may tell you - now it was usefully directed towards herself and she took the whole podiatry incident in her stride.  One thing that arose from the public interest in the pros and cons of foot comfort for a middle-aged nun was the surprise folk showed in discovering the Anglican church even had nuns.   I got over that amazement some 30 years ago when Our Friend stunned us all by announcing her calling.  

Rich and Delicious
Rich and Delicious - a bit like the couple!
So you see, I am far from being the first of our lot to entertain spiritual commitment at a high level.  (If I drop in here that Aitch is a church warden, you will understand a little more of our group 'nature').

What I would like to share with you today though, is the little gathering that took place when I arrived at Aitch's home as first point of call on my return to UK.  A Royal tea party no less.  The table was laid with the Royal Albert china service and several varieties of cake.  Present were Aitch, YAM, Our Friend the Nun and, host, The Kook.  It was the first time in over 30 years I had come face to face with the latter two.  But as it is with old connections of this sort, we felt easy and comfy.

Our Friend the Nun, though, had brought a special contribution.  She had not mentioned to Aitch until we got there as she knew it might cause some fireworks!  Quite wise.  In fact, The Kook had not planned quite so lavish a do, but as soon as it was announced we had Royal Wedding Cake to consume, out came the china!!  As for Aitch.  The excitement was something to behold. 
it made four nice serves!
The hand was ALMOST steady...

When someone we hold dear is in a state of joy, we benefit.  Love and goodwill spreads like water in a flood.  That Our Friend had held onto this prize with exactly this date of meeting in mind says a great deal for her character and loyalty also.  It was not just that she was a lady of the cloth.  It was that she thought of who would most appreciate the sharing.

in case of rain...
We were a gaggle of school-girls again for a short while, all the years and experiences were nought in the face of a shared and valued moment.  There was giggling and joking and reminiscing and all-in-all we were rather menoysterical. 

  ...It is one of the delights of being in a mostly reverent state that one can break out and be - just a little bit - irreverent, from time to time.

 So to complete the scene, allow me to share with you the footwear of Our Friend on leave from the convent.

                          Ahhh.  Good times.  YAM xxx


  1. Such fun, Yamani. :-) That must have been a very special tea party. I've know about Anglican nuns for a very long time now and in my experience they are some of the most intelligent, wise and amusing people I've ever met.

  2. Oh you lot. Yes you went straight to Mumbai, but you were kind enough to send me photos with all of you. Gosh never knew about the cake though. Was it yummy? Was it like mah's Christmas cake? Thanks for the chat. Thai was good. Place in Thornleigh calle La Thai.
    Take care and keep them coming. You know I do miss the ANL!s.

  3. Hari OM
    Perpetua - it was and I agree!

    Mahal - it was and same but different!

  4. It was the best tea party ever, so lucky to have such marvellous friends. I miss the ANL' in a way too.

  5. Hari Om
    It was, your Ladyship! hhmmm.... seems those newsletters were way more popular than I would have known.

    But now the world can benefit &>


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