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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosophical [men-oh-soffy-cul]; the condition of waxing introspective - an occasional series on the more deep and meaningful.

This week, a little more from the 'inner YAM'.

Life, the universe and the number 42.  Douglas Adams.  Hitchhiker's Guide…  A lot of nonsense?

Well, yes I suppose, but still; it caused a lot of folk to ask some big questions who might otherwise have avoided them.  Those of us who are lucky enough to have found joy directly from scripture may wonder at this.  Must the message of universality, spirit and values necessarily have to be couched in ancient terms?  Clearly "the Church" has not thought so, having revised the bible into plain English at varying times in the past 50 years.  Or indeed, into colloquial and regional languages.  Still there are many who fear or are sceptical of traditional  texts of spirit.  They look for it in other ways.

They are not as rebellious or removed from the basic themes as they think though.  Provided they come in contact with the good stuff in any genre, the message will still ring out.

Star Trek.  (?!)  Yes.  One famous fan wrote an equally famous book "All I ever need to know about life I learned from ST"… and he wouldn't be too far wrong.  You see, Gene Roddenberry had an egalitarian outlook and ensured only the best of human values would be explored in the storylines of his invention.  It is a vision that has been upheld by the various franchises which sprung from the original.  In later manifestations, too, principles of Vedanta/Hindu philosophy showed up - including having a certain priest class called "Vedics"!!

The Legend of Arthur/Merlin.  Here is an example of the guru/shishya (master/student) relationship in western milieu.  Of course it has been messed around with throughout the years, but the essential message of a society that works on maintaining chivalry, valour and compassion, as well as the passing on of High Wisdom to one ready to handle the responsibility, is upheld. 

Being the very best human being that one can be is a message that most can relate to and provided that is broadcast, then overall one does not necessarily have to enforce use of the word GOD upon anyone.

There are those, however, who need to know more.  To understand fully.  Thus each religion has its path of "Knowledge".  Christianity has Gnosticism, Islam has Sufism, Judaism has Kabbalah and Hinduism has Vedanta.  Each of these in their own turn have philosophical groupings. 

Dear Reader, it is in pursuit of Advaita Vedanta that I have come to India.  Each of the other traditions even now hold their 'truth of God' knowledge bases almost as secretive and even verge on condemning them.  There is fear amongst the powerbrokers of 'faith' that an informed common crowd will cause trouble.  True, students of spiritual philosophy must be prepared.  There are steps involved that, to a casual or hostile observer, could be mistaken for magicks and mayhems!  It is true too, that high-flown concepts such as are posited by these traditions are not for the average seeker.

But neither should they be withheld. It is in following the inner voice of faith that I came to Vedanta and discovered here many of the explanations of life that had not been satisfied by the platitudes and stock responses of other philosophies.  It is not that those traditions do not hold the same answers.  They do.  But they are kept under cover.  Also, (and I am aware this is going to look like a shocking statement), the 'teachers' were either unwilling, or incapable of answering those questions for me.

I too sought freedom of thinking about spirit through science (and its fiction).  That astrophysics is finally accepting the existence of "The God Particle" demonstrates that even this highest of the material sciences is beginning to melt into the metaphysical.  No matter where you look or what you do, ultimately the question has to arise as to how, who and What?

When reading deep into sanskrit texts one discovers that the seers were apparently aware of atomics and quantum physics and were masters of the human psyche, it is astounding.  Many of the smritis (histories of families and situations written to demonstrate the application of the shrutis - 'god given texts'), read like modern day science fiction, with talk of flying machines and interaction with Nature in the fullest.  There are nuclear weapons and the sort of intelligence of which modern armies can only dream.  Wars are fought on the highest principles and as  a final resort only.  Ethics and manners take precedence.  In all cases, individual responsibility within the community is emphasised.

The core theme is universal.  There is but one Truth.  We are all products of that Truth.  There is no colour, caste, creed or containment within that Truth.  Living that Truth is our greatest challenge.

Only Man divideth Man.


  1. I found this very interesting, Yam, because I have spent considerably more than half of my life knowing that in order to be happy, joyous, and free, I must admit I am not all-powerful, and must, therefore, rely upon a Higher Power, or God as I understand God, to help me become of maximum service to others.
    When I was young, we all wanted to save the world. Later, I learned that helping to save some people, with the help of my Higher Power, would be my contribution to world service.
    Luv, K

  2. Hari OM
    So true Kay. It is the surrender of our ego that ultimately frees us to be there for others. Our Higher Self (which most call God) can only function fully when the little 'we' get out of the way!!!

    With Love. YAM xxx


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