…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoxicated [men-oxy-kated]; the condition of being under the influence.

In this case, as we revisit the possibility that one does not have complete control of one's faculties, the intoxicant is zero-oestrogen.

After many years of single-pointed research, YAM can report that menopolyxinaemia brings with it a certain level of behaviour resembling that of one who has over-imbibed on the fruit juice.

It is many a year since I have surrendered control in those circumstances, but I do recall things like - oohhh - losing the inhibitions regarding telling jokes.  Never could do it.  Particularly under the influence.  In fact, would only forget that I couldn't remember a punch line of even one joke when under the influence.  This preserved one's self-esteem in the moments and the ground-gaping chasms yelling "what were you thinking?..." only arrived when one was in private and again sober.  No worries then.

'Cept now there's a different non-drug in the system.  I have the notion I can crack funnies.

Or there's that thing of not really caring what anybody thinks.  It's freeing, that one.  To NOT have to get tipsy to feel free of social pressure in respect to how one dresses or places one's wheelie-bins on the kerb. …

… our wheeled garbage disposal bins in Sydney are referred to as Ottos.  So when I arrived in Mumbai and a friend said she'd gone shopping via the "otto", she got quite the quizzical look from the YAMster.  Several weeks later I was invited to join her in an "otto".  Never a coward in such matters (as well as being under the influence of zero-oestrogen and therefore completely without inhibition) I gladly accepted.  I wasn't at all sure about wearing sari for such an experience, but we are obliged to stick to uniform (white, cotton, best-folded gets thumbs up from upacharya), so I thought "Let the pallu [long shoulder train] fly!"

I think I was mildly disappointed to discover that the AUTO is the auto-rickshaw; a motorised tricycle with open-air cabin.  Bit like a wheelie-horse'n'cart kind of thing.  Only vaguely bin-like.

Then we got going and I found out it was every bit as fun and exciting as riding an 'otto'! (Not that I have ever done that………)

After that I remembered to tell another friend what had happened.  She asked where we had been.  I said over the lake to Hiranandani.  Apparently she didn't believe this.

"No", she said, "where's ya 'wheelie' bin?"

[Say it loud, and say it fast.  It might help.  Or not... and private too - only me and you!]

I cannot let this day pass without calling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Venerable Lady Victoria of the Baylham Dachsy Barkers; a true and faithful companion to Aitch, who this very day turns 17 !!
....that's like Methuselah in dog years. I think the secret is Love with the capital ell!


  1. Ah, sometimes it would be nice if hoomans was less inhibited...dependin' on da situation...hehehehe. Muy mum can't drunk or sober eithers...her be purty tight.
    Oh and her be pathetic at tellin' jokes. Her will tells my dad one and then he just asks if her is done.

    Victoria is incredibly gawjuss and I can not believe her is 17! I hope I will be as purty as hers when I gets her age.


  2. So you had a proper blouse on that day did ya? I agree with the punch line can never remember it either. Lady vic absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Lady Victoria is indeed gorgeous! And very obviously loved.
    I got a great giggle out of your confusion, thinking you would be traveling in a garbage bin, but agreeing to go nevertheless. You are very brave.
    I can manage to tell jokes, but I can never remember them, so I can't tell them anyway.
    I only have one joke in my entire memory, and it's been there since I visited Oz in 1982. I'm sure you'll know the answer, but Canadians seldom do.
    "What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?"
    Answer: "A stick."
    That is my one and only joke. I've been using it for years. Oh, according to my calculator, for 31 years.

  4. Dear Aunty Yam,
    Thank you for my birthday greetings. I know my birthdy has been going for a few hours with you, but my mum does not seem to notice she is playing with that GPS thingy, there has been some bad words so think there will be another message winging its way up to Ed.
    Thank you Puddles and Mahal for your wishes, yes I am 17, I have not been in the best of health lately but am feeling better now we are having some lovely sunny days. We love reading about your adventures Puddles. Love from Lady Vicki xoxoxoxox

  5. Hari OM
    Puddles - poor mum - but I've had that said to me too... usually by my little brother "You done yet, got things to do" he'd say. #-< Yes Lady V IS gawjuss and I was pretty sure you'd like her. I'm sure you will be every bit as stunning in your dotage Pudds!!

    Mahal - regulation dress, no menopolysoxication!

    Kay - ...brave? YES, that's it. I was soooo courageous ;-? Oh THAT joke? Am glad you told it 'cos I had forgotten the punch line!!!! COL

    Lady V - xxxxxxoooooollllll (that last bit is tail wags just for youz - didn't know yer YAM-aunty had a tail did youz?) As for MUM and the GPS thingy Hrmpsh. Anyway, am sure Ed. will be happy to hear from her! Hope you are having a good day in the garden. Hugs and wags, ME xx

  6. Every day, I learn a little sumpin'.



  7. Hari Om
    Never a day should pass, Pearl, when at least one new thing has been learned... &>


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