'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolistal [men-oh-list-all]; the state of leaning out of the box a bit. (cont'd)

(No menoloop this week - got a list of things to do….K)

After the interlude for admiration of animals on Monday, we pick up on the "to do" list which Aitch bullied me into… (aahh aahhh ahhh - don't beat me up! Seriously folks, I think she's done me a favour here, I was just teasing.)  So today we get down to some nitty-gritty with the portion called WIP. 

Work In Progress (sort of…)

Own another telescope
First I had a 2.5 inch refractor, then for a birthday, dad and brother gave me the 4 inch reflector.  Both succumbed eventually to wear and tear of moving and being transported in backs of cars not being driven by me… but had wonderful times with them before that.  I became an active and worthwhile amateur astronomer for some years in Sydney, joining the club run out of the Observatory beside the Harbour Bridge as well as the National Space Society (more than looking at stars there of course, but not unrelated you'll understand).  Anyway.  When I finally get settled again, a telescope is one of the must haves.

Live in clear view of E and W horizons
The course is drawing to an end.  It will bring with it another move.  Will it be the final one?  Won't step out on that but when I think that I may be putting down the last of the roots, I would very much like it to be in a spot where I can easily access views of the rising sun and then again the setting sun.  Let it do the work.  I just want to watch.

To know a thing or two more
Once upon a time, ooohhh so long ago, I made a promise to myself to never let a day end without having learned at least one new thing. It did not have to be life-saving, ground-shakingly brilliant.  It could be simply a new word or an untried recipe.  It's an oldie but a goodie - "the more I know, the more I understand I know nothing!"  But never let me stop learning, Lord, give me lessons every day.

Be surrounded by animals/nature
This may seem obvious or even simple.  Not necessarily.  Circumstances may cause me to be living in concrete and green-free surrounds.  I pray that this will not be so and I will do everything I can to alter the circumstance to allow nature in.

Sell Mandalas
There is, I admit, just a tad of wishfulness about this particular point.  Only insofar as mandalas are a meditative art-form and require a conducive inner environment as well as the immediate exterior one - so producing them can be a bit haphazard.  I would never expect to be making my living from this source, but it would be lovely to think that there was a bit of pocket money it!

Produce the cartoons
Being at Sandeepany has definitely allowed all the latent talents to burst forth.  One thing I would never have thought of doing prior to Christmas 2011 was cartooning.  When put on the spot to produce an evening's entertainment I decided that Christmas had to be presented in full Christian fashion and not the yule-log elves and reindeer version.    Anyway, I had an amazing onrush of creativity and produced a cartoon + shadow puppet show that proved very successful.  Those cartoon characters are still bubbling away in the background awaiting the chance for entry on the world stage…

Get the spiritual blog going
"Another one!" you cry.  "Are four blogs not enough?"  What - are you telling me there is a limit?  Keep watching the cloud folks.  First came the ether.  From ether arose the winds.  From winds the fire.  From fire the water.  From water the earth.  My name is Night.  From night comes day.

Visit every sacred place
Why is this not in the too hard basket at the beginning?  Because I am actively doing this.  All you need to know is that every place is sacred.  We can choose what is sacred and what is not by our intention, by our presence, our respect and handling.   By seeing The Ultimate Driver in all things and situations.  It requires of me though, that I remember to place His Name before me.    This then differs from the points of focus we call as places of pilgrimage.  You too can achieve this!  (NB - sacred is whatever you hold to be higher than yourself in terms of principals and creative energy.  Whatever faith you may profess - or not - you CAN live in sacred space.)

Run spiritual counselling/healing setup.
After leaving here I will not be re-entering homoeopathic practice.  My work was already leaning towards this modality anyway, so in the event of having any form of "practice" from which to obtain income, then it will be in this vein.  How that is to manifest is yet to be formulated - but it's bubbling away nicely on the back burner!

Be on other's blogrolls
You'll have noticed each of these 'baskets' has finished on a slightly daft note.  Then again, not so daft.  Only a couple of weeks ago my blog-pal Indigo Roth put me up on his roll.  WOW what a feeling!  There are those of you who know about this. If some of the work I want to do is to go anywhere, then gaining this level of acceptance will have some meaning beyond just 'blowing the horn'.  I am being bog-honest when I tell you that until that moment I had not thought about the impact of such a thing.  But now it has become a 'to do' item!!  Only I can't do it.  This is in the hands of the ether.  I put my hands together and say, "may others feel inclined to point my way!" I am all about Love (with the capital 'ell'), laughter and the look-down-the-long-lane.  Spread the word.

Or at least, please leave comments and "social marks"!

We're on the home run of the list now.  See you tomorrow.

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