'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical [men-oh-lir-rick-ul]; the condition of conversational disco-ordination. Chatterbox snippets of an insomniac.

Well, folks, it has been a while since the last dose of silliness from the meno sisters!  Hold onto your hats… (what you need to know is that Aitch is an ardent follower of the Royals - remember the tea party? )

Aitch: Off work today as the girls went back this morning , sad face. Had a great time in London yesterday; we went to the National Portrait Gallery - have I already told you that?

me: no it was the transport museum last I heard

Aitch: Changed our minds quickly about that one, NP was brilliant - Saw the new portrait of Duchess of Cambridge - we thought it made her look older. Also there were lots of Tudor Kings and Queens and courtiers portraits

me: aha. any non royals among them? ;)

Aitch: Yes Cromwell, various Earls of Essex, other favourites of Elizabeth I.  Also Stuarts, Georges and Hanoverians and Victorians including all the men, mostly, who invented, designed wrote painted etc.

me:  O K any farmers? just asking...  oh you're going to tell me Duke of Cornwall aren't you?!

Aitch: Jethro Tull the nearerst I guess - or yes and him!!!


Aitch: Also some amazing portraits of American Indians by some one called George Catlin http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/george-catlin-american-indian-portraits/exhibition.php  And it is all free

me: oh Aitch Arrr - how many taxes have you paid???

Aitch: ha ha

me: good to be getting something for them though - lemme see this link - ooooh they dooo loook handsome. Not tricked up - quite photographic I think

Aitch: No real thing and imagine they are 180 years old. They were here 70 years ago I think it was and now returned again

me: wow

Aitch: Phantom was brilliant but we were  up, up, up in the balcony, nearly needed oxygen when we got to our seats

me: AAARrggh - I would have needed vertigo pills 

Aitch: Yes I know, I was careful when standing up

me: bluuurryggh - that just made me queazy with the thought.  Could you see the show?  Need binoculars? telescope? Hubble space station?  and who was the space pilot - sorry Phantom

Aitch: Oh yes but could not see their faces and sometimes wasn't able to see who was singing…..An American who I did not know but had played the Phantom on Broadway for a number of years. Wonderful voice.

me: good. we're both in the dark then.

Aitch: Oh dear a late night last night so not up with things yet. We got home at 1am.

me: goodness - you'll be joining the YAMparty soon with those hours.

Aitch: Non of us had been up so late for a long time, H2 said she is often ready for bed by 8.30

me: yes. I remember times like that. Actually am a bit that way tonight but have been fighting allergies (or some rhinitis thing) for a couple of days and just totally groggy. the air is ridiculously dry just now. - Oh how was dinner - you mention going to "Bill's Place"...

Aitch: It was very good, but Jy's fish batter wasn't cooked through.

me: soggy batter . eeeeooouuww. did the fish get wet?

Aitch: No not good - she said the fish was fine though

me: then she ate him...


  1. Hari Om, Yam! Wow, this sounds like one of the conversations between me and best pal Keith. I salute the pair of you! Indigo

  2. My friend Judith and I have conversations like this, especially how that she is living in a narrowboat on a canal somewhere north of London but whose other identifying characteristics I have momentarily forgotten. Oh yes, Yelvertoft. Judith and Mikey and their two cats. The cats hate one another. Flying them from western Canada to deepest England didn't result in any bonding happening.
    Well, I'm up to my eyes in Rudyard Kipling right now, so I'd better pack him up and give him another look tomorrow.
    The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads wants me to pick my favourite poem. How can I? Well, I guess I'll just have to tell the truth about Kamal's son, and how I've felt about him for the past 50 years or even, perhaps, longer.
    Luv, K

  3. Hari OM
    Indigo - he heh hehe - nothing like a natter between nerds, what? xx

    Kay - wow - Good for Judith, two cats who hate each other in a caravan on water. Great idea. &*> Isn't it lovely to be able to hold conversation like this though - whereby each is thinking of something entirely different yet they somehow meet in the middle?

    I look forward to the impending RK posting then!! xx


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