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Final Friday Feedstuffs!

The Final Friday Feedstuffs in India also - although technically I have two more Fridays as such on this ancient soil.

On the meNu today is...


As always the ingredients given are for one person, so multiply accordingly and make the recipe your own with my love!

  • 1 nest of dry eggless noodles (I used the japanese soy flour kind - but really the choice is yours, but keep an eye as every noodle cooks differently)
  • 6-8 1" cubes of paneer (if you cannot access paneer, then Haloumi will do)
  • Half cup freshly hulled peas (or frozen if fresh unavailable)
  • 1 cup sliced and diced green cabbage
  • 1 tablespoon sesame or sunflower oil
  • Quarter teaspoon each of turmeric powder, coriander powder, paprika powder
  • Half a vegetable stock cube
  • 1 cup (250-300mls) water
  • Only season with salt and pepper once you have tasted the cooked product.

In non-stick pan, place the oil, paneer and vegetables.  Bring it to heat and allow them to saute for a few minutes.  When one side of the paneer cubes is starting to colour, add the spices and two or three teaspoons of water.  Stir well then allow the saute to simmer and turn the paneer occasionally to ensure browning on all sides.  Cabbage should also start to go clear in colour.

Now add the noodles, broken up a bit, plus all the water and the half stock cube.  Bring to boil, then allow to simmer uncovered until nearly all the liquid has been absorbed and there is a thickish sauce-like product left coating the food.


NB - I would use a little more flavouring than have written here - but am catering to the uninitiated and simple palettes.  If you are keen for more pungency, you could add a pinch of chilli powder, some garam masala, or add a radish like daikon to the mix.  Get creative in the kitchen  &*>


  1. I love Indian food but it's always too spicy for me. There is an Indian restaurant nearby and I've been talking about trying it now that my digestive system seems to have recovered from the abuse of the wrong diabetes medication.
    This recipe sounds simple to make, although some of the ingredients are "all Greek to me" and I am puzzled as to how I'd cut a stock cube in half. Of course, if I'm cooking for two, I'd need a whole one, yes? No?
    I imagine your technically-two-days on India's ancient soil will be spent getting yourself to and onto a plane to fly to Oz.
    Don't lose touch with your newfound followers now, Yam. We will miss you. Well, I speak for myself, and perhaps Mara as well, but there might well be some who will rejoice (not likely). LOL
    Soon, then?
    Luv, K

  2. Sounds like a good simple supper dish. thanks!

  3. Hari OM
    Kay - the level of spice included here is truly mild and you will note - no chili!! ...and yes, just double or treble or whatever according to diners.

    That's two weeks still to go, but this will be the last recipe from these shores. Am planning some fill in scheduled posts to keep things ticking over - but lets see how it goes!!

    Bertie/Gail - it is indeed!!

  4. Just checking if room ... Will be getting some in the next couple a weeks?


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