…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Meno'erwhelmed [men-oh-err-whelmed]; the state of being over-come and over-worked.

...except it is not so much over-worked this time (since the study is finally over) as the being out and about and coming down from the intensity that preceded the finish of our course.

Emm and Go-go arrived safe and well on Saturday evening around 10;30pm.  There were quick hellos and hugs as Go-go actually had to leave again for a two night stay with family members elsewhere in Mumbai.  This left Emm and myself to reacquaint. Needless to say it was a 'talk-fest' and I was a bit stunned at how much I 'dumped'.

Sunday was the final day of class and formal proceedings, so we chilled a bit and only went out locally for some key items and lunch. 

It was a lengthy outing compared to what I have had previously and I certainly felt the drag of the atmosphere of 'outside'.  Returning to the relative calm of the ashram was like dipping into cool waters.

On Monday Emm and I set off to Ghatkopar - a suburb which takes about 30-45 mins in the autorickshaw, according to traffic.  Of course it was horrific that day and the air quality was particularly bad also.  I had woken with a sore throat but said nothing about it, taking my honey lemon and then a strong cup of tea to shore me up.  I adore having my friend here, but I was beginning to realise that the comparatively secluded life of the past two years will have to be carefully severed...

This was the first morning of being officially able to return to wearing items with colour. I chose a basically white sari, as was not yet ready to go completely rainbow - it has small deep turquoise blue print dotted all over and the blouse picked up that colour.  Every one here was still in white!! I felt very strange, but got lots of reassuring comments and I confess, it did feel good.

The Ghatkopar trip was for  sari and kurta shopping.  We arrived in time for an early lunch of chole bhatura.  Then we launched ourselves at the vast selection of shops and stalls available at that place.

I had wanted to purchase a pair of dress chapples (sandals) as am now needing to get back into 'street' clothing.  Ended up with a simple pair of kitten-heeled gold-lame 'thong' style footwear, the strap being decorated in sparkles.  They will not be worn that much and certainly couldn't walk far in them, but will be ideal for the upcoming seasons of Navratri, Diwali....Christmas...

The rest of the shopping was Emm's. She got two great dress kurtas for her son/hubby and bought six saris in total for gifts, plus one for herself, as well as a fantastic red and black kurta dress which is very stylish indeed.

Guess what though?  For once the YAMarazzi didn't have camera and the shopper was too busy shopping to think about piccies.  Oh well.

The ride home was very rough due to traffic and an auto that had the revs of the engine tuned to rattle and shudder.  It was also by that time very cold and windy and despite my best efforts was unable to protect myself fully.  This meant that on Tuesday I awoke with nasty dose of the cold. Hot drinks and long morning rest got me on my feet though, so that I could take Emm and Go-go (who had arrived back with us on Monday arvo) to lunch at my favourite dosa place.  

We did enjoy that very much, but YAM was getting steadily worse. Home by mid arvo and crashed. Don't know what the others did the rest of the day - but I had the good sense to suggest they rearrange the plans of the week.  So today they go off by themselves to do the temple trawl of Mumbai.

If they report to me, I'll report to you.  Otherwise it's going to be boring reading on this page in the morning...!!


  1. Well, I'm back and feeling dragged out, too, but so far don't have an actual cold, just a sniffle. I don't know why, but sniffles make me crazy. The slow drip of the drippy nose feels half like a tickle and half like an itch and makes me want to scream. Therefore, I am constantly surrounded by small mountains of tissues. In the picture on your blog, the dog in the blanket seems to have tissues right by his nose just in case. I can relate.
    I am terrified, however, by the idea of shopping in Mumbai. You, my dear Yam, have scared the wits out of me.
    On the other hand, I just got back last night from a trip across the continent. Three planes, a train and a rental car each way, not counting the taxi to and from our house to our little local airport, or the drive into the city to deliver the dog to our friends. They very kindly brought her home to me this afternoon. She is sighing now, because, even though she is home, and I am home, her daddy is still on a business trip in The Great North Waste, and he is her favourite person.
    Sigh (from me).
    Get thee better soon, my dear. Doctor yourself up with all your best non-pharmaceuticals, and stay in bed until you're ready to get up and dance in those sparkly new shoes.
    Luv, K

  2. I must have missed a few blogs, where are you, or I'm confused that happens a lot.
    Merle..... ...........

  3. Poor Yam, look after yourself. (()) However I'm so glad you enjoyed your shopping expedition and are gradually starting to acclimatise yourself to the outside world again. Have fun with Emm and Go-go once you're better.

  4. Hari Om
    Kay - lovely to have you back - it was quiet around here!! Shopping in Mumbai is great fun, but does require some stamina - particularly when with an accomplished shopper. I am not one of those. Tend to the "what do I need? Right that will do" sort of approach. Excess browsing wears me out very quickly.

    I have slept most of today and dosed up as you mention so am on the mend already. One more day to myself ought to clear it up!

    Oh Lindy - maybe she's just a tad put out at having been left behind? Jade would give me the evil eye for hours when I got back from time away...but competition from Jasper for affection would win her over! xx

    Merle- oh don't worry... if you think YOU are confused, imagine how I am in the middle of the mess!!! But to clarify - will be flying to OZ on 11th/12th October. xx

    Perpetua - oh how lovely of you to visit when in your own tricky=trubs. This is a simple and straight-forward cold (something of a rare item these days if we are to believe all the hyperbole) and one more day of isolation ought to see me spring-lambing again.

    Well. Maybe lifting a toe or toe anyway!!xx

  5. oh Auntie Yam we leave you for one day and you end up on your sick bed. Hope you are feeling better today. I am feeling better too, when mum got home last night at gone 10pm I had a good run in and out, in and out, in and out, I love doing that, up and down the garden and had a good sniff around where the new gates will go too. Hopefully chat later. xxooxx

  6. Hari OM
    G'day Vickstar - sound like you been fed the premium grade chook for tea!!! XX


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