…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoloopal [men-oh-loo-pal]; the condition of being sent mental

WHAT?!  Haven't had a gripe for a while and the trip back to OZ proved to be ripe for the picking!

The last few days at Sandeepany were very special but also very hectic.  The 8 boxes that were to be couriered to Scotland were not forwarded until the final possible moment and only arrived on the very day of my departure to OZ.  It was getting fraught and it must be said that I did not sleep more than 2 hours for two nights in a row.  That's okay though; adrenalin is wonderful stuff.

Go-go left us in Mumbai to go on to more family visiting in Chennai and we said our farewell's on the morning of the 11th.  Emm and I took the day at whatever pace it offered and completed our packing settled ourselves, then left the ashram with hugs from a couple of friends at 6:15pm.

Emm's flight was due out at 10;10pm and I think was pretty much on schedule - there was a delay for her, but still arrived in Sydney not more than 90 minutes later than planned.

YAM's of course, was a different case altogether.  The frustrating things about Mumbai airport are; virtually no seating for waiting passengers and no ability to provide information of value (even at the relevant desk).  You see, the departures board stated that the Malaysia flight had been postponed from 11:55pm to 2am the Saturday morning.  Sigh.  Thankfully, despite some concerns and no clue as to what was happening, the check-in was still opened at a reasonable time so only had to hang around the graceless entry vestibule for about 50 minutes or so. (I did find one of the "hens teeth" seats!)

Check-in was interesting.  Something had made me book Business Class (B/C) - a luxury I have never afforded myself in the past.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions ever made.   Firstly, I had maximum weight due to this being complete removal.  It was on the mark, but oh-so-close to being over and I think if I had been coach class it may have been questioned.  Also, I had with me the Magic Mop. 

Oh yes, house cleaners amongst you, when you find a tool of value and specialness, you don't let go of it till there is no choice!!

The OnePot1der had to get left, but truth is it is replaceable.  The Magic Mop, however, I had not seen anywhere before** and as it saved me a great deal of effort in maintaining my room, it had to come with me.  I just know that in coach, they would have rejected it.  Now though, it was simply checked as 'oversize' and travelled in its own special compartment!  It brought quite a few curious looks I can tell you.

There continued to be a total lack of communication regarding the state of the flight.  Again, due to B/C status, I was saved too much discomfort by being able to attend the Clipper Lounge, where cushioned seats and tables were provided.  Bistro style arrangement, but satisfactory enough.  At the appropriate time I made my way to the departure gate.

Boarding took place only at 0145, so you may well guess it was 0245 before we taxied away from the terminal.  Nearly three hours late. I had a sense of foreboding.

Meanwhile, the flight itself was pleasant enough, as well it ought to be in B/C.  Spacious and plentiful service.

Arrival at Kuala Lumpur, though, brought the big hurdle.  In rather unceremonious fashion, the few transferring passengers were met but ground staff who shoved new ticket info into our hands and stated (in my case) your next flight is at 1630 (7 hours away!) which will be a short hop on economy class to Singapore and there I would have to re-check-in as the only flight they could get me was with British Airways…

Now, in print this doesn't look all that bad.  Remember though that I had slept barely 6 hours in three days, had been packing and cleaning and generally getting worn out and really did NOT want to be hanging around airports for half a day.  I was ropable to put it mildly.

They were not budging to my requests of hotel and next day flights though.  It was this or nothing.

In a state of near-collapse, I found my way to the Golden Lounge.  Again I bless the decision of B/C ticket.  This turned out to live up to its name and the pretty hostesses there saw my condition and picked up the pieces!!  Honeyed tea, private facility to fire up Voovoo the Vaio, shower and change and food then an hour to doze before heading off again.  I had asked them to arrange special assistance for me now as it was clear I could not really cope all that well with such luggage.  As one who has always travelled very light, I was finding this a great imposition; not to mention my poor physical condition.

The hop to Singapore was literally that.  Fifty air minutes only.  At the other side though, the message for assistance had not arrived.  Never mind.  By now I had gotten over my usual quiet reticence and stood my ground till a buggy appeared.  Thank goodness for it turned out we had to change terminals and I certainly would never have made the connection otherwise!

The BA flight turned out to be a dream.  In spite of them also not being advised of the special assist OR the Jaini meal requirements.  They did marvellously to cover my needs and the plane itself was the absolute newest in the fleet - only three months service so far.  777 again, but with all the modern plush and full flat beds.  I had 3.5 excellent hours of sleep which set me right for landing in Sydney.

Where BA had phoned ahead and had a wheelchair waiting for me. 

Note to self; arrange special assist well in advance next time!!!

The drift through to the meeting point was so smooth and quick as to almost be unnoticed.  Magic Mop came through the ordeal with nary a fibre out of place and Emm and son were waiting to collect me and all the bits.

Now the thing is, I have already booked and paid my ticket to UK.  With Malaysian….

** NB - I have since checked oulets here in Sydney and definitely no Magic Mop of the kind I have - I have now gone into mop conservation!!


  1. Oh Auntie Yam, poor you, sounds an awful journey, but you had Emm there to meet you at the end.

  2. Poor dear you, how dreadful for you but how wonderful "something" told you to book Business Class.
    I've had "assistance required in terminal" for years. I can't keep up with my husband and have yet to recover from stumbling along behind him changing terminals in Toronto. I was in tears and he was annoyed.
    I just can't do it. Can't carry heavy things, can't move quickly, can't climb over two strangers so as to get to the bathroom, can't can't can't. I hate it, but 'tis so.
    I also carry a cane gizmo that folds down into a chair. When I forget it, I always regret it. There, that should be my poem for the day.
    I don't sleep well on airplanes, and always come home with a germ or microbe that lays me flat for two weeks. Why do I travel? Because, somewhere after arrival and before departure, I'm always happy to see new places.
    Luv, K

  3. Oh,goodness! I'm glad it all ended well but sounds like it had good points and bad ones. Sorry we haven't been by much this week. Mom has been working a lot and not having much time to help me with blogging.

  4. Hari OM

    LV and Taffy - yes, you may say the journey was a bit like the Curate's egg; good in parts!! Don't worry Taffy, it's always lovely to see you "whenevaaa" xx

    Kay - the uncooperative body can be a right old b******, the truth being that we can expect nobody to really understand who hasn't experienced it. Just sigh and get on with it. Will it stop me travelling? Like Hades...!


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