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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

ME??? NO... REALLY??!!!!!

Dear Reader,

Till now majority posts have been written at least 2-3 and sometimes more days ahead. I can put myself in the time ahead and you quite possibly do not know the difference.  Too much anyway. There have been times where I couldn't do that so fillers appeared.

Such a thing occurred last Friday, having announced my visit to Dunoon.  The reason for the delaying tactics recently, though, has been for one very good reason.  Regulars know the why. House hunting; cave-search; the place of retreat. This time last year, as the idea of blogging was only just gestating in YAM's think-cells, the idea that I would again own property, and that too in the place I thought I had left forever, never occurred.

This post is being truly written to you immediately prior to 'going live' as I have been awaiting news.  

Provisionally (still all the officialdom to go through) I have a new home in town of Dunoon!!  Don't get too excited - there's a bit of 'this and that' to attend to as buying property in Scotland is a tad more tied up in red tape than in many places.  But when the call came through from the solicitor just now I would be surprised if you didn't hear it all round the globe.  Gotta keep my head down and focus on the necessary legalities and organising which are now going to hit me.  It's all the gritty stuff of deciding on utilities and purchasing beds... ugh.  Without doubt you will be sharing some of that journey with me but there you have it.  News as fresh as it can be, albeit yet to have the final stamp.

But now that I have got that off my chest, what about the place called Dunoon?  Well let me backtrack.

To reach it, one needs travel via Glasgow and on up to Gourock. The train goes there.  If you have a car, though, it is necessary to go a small stretch further to MacRoy's Point.

This photo is of the 'foot' ferry from Gourock to the main Dunoon terminal which is at the South end of the town.  It makes for easy access to just about everywhere.  The water trip is a mere 20 mins.

Alighting on the western shore, it was a mere five minute walk to the Argyll Hotel. This is one of the Best Western group, which has the promotional phrase "hotels with personality". An apt catch line!

Starting with the building itself, which has stood on this spot since Queen Victoria's reign. This does mean that there are certain quirks.  Squeaky floorboards, a temperamental lift... But I choose to accept these as part of the ambiance rather than potential problems.  Then there is the wonderfully personal approach of the staff, yet at all times staying on the correct side of professional.  I would have liked a bit brighter lighting in the room and perhaps a slightly younger mattress, but these were minor inconveniences.  It was warm, welcoming and then there was the food.  

Both the main restaurant, the bar/bistro and the Italian restaurant on the side all served truly delicious meals - and as a vegetarian, I did not at feel that I was 'second class'.  

I had a winter break (50% off) bed and breakfast deal, but at no time did I have cause to think this came with 50% service.  An added delight for myself, was that the manager and many of the staff were of Indian origin and, what is more, Hindus.  That I had the potential for such contacts in this semi-remote corner of the country brought a little lightness to my heart.  After all, let us not forget that a major part of the drive for this change of residence is to bring the message of Advaita Vedanta...

Enough of that for now.  It's nearly time to post and this has been a rather free-flow ramble. Tomorrow I shall take you on a little tour of the town and reveal a little more of the place that will soon be called 'home'.

Thanks for your forbearance!!


  1. This is stomach churning, teeth clenching exciting!

  2. So Dunoon it is. Congratulations (or is that premature?) It's not a town I've ever visited, so I'll look forward to learning more via the blog. Details of the new cave, please!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Bertie wants to know if there are any plans to share it with a new pup….?

  3. Congratulations, we are dancing around the room with excitment.

  4. Oh, so exciting, especially finding people to visit with when you are tired of all those Scots! LOL
    Seriously, that part is wonderful, Yam, because I'm sure you'll be homesick for India. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are a few Scottish Aussies within coo-ee distance for you, too.
    Definitely need details of the new cave, please. I am very much into housing details, floor plans, room sizes, etc., and have been since before I retired from the newspaper business.
    And the dog question? Excellent question, but so much else to do first.
    Luv and congratulations, K

  5. I want very much to say congratulations on your new home but from the sound of it there are a lot of hoops to jump through first. Good luck with all of that.

  6. Hari Om
    Joanne - you betchya!

    Bertie/Gail - We'll have to work on that geographical omission - and Bertie, heeheheheh would you believe I was twice offered the resident dog of the flat? However, this did not come up in actual negotiation...

    LV - big smiley hugs to you and mum.

    Kay - more on the place once things have become a step closer to formal and yes, the wider community reach was a definite plus in considerations! Canines may have to wait a tad longer...

    SQ - grinning from ear to ear but still trying to keep a lid on the excitement. It's hard!!


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