…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)


...errr welll, it's like this y'see......

There's a kind of limbo.  A gap in proceedings.  I have been filling it with research on disparate items from telephone suppliers to furniture and bedding to kitchen utensils. 

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There has been a trip to New Register House. Among all the necessary resettlement kerfuffle, it was realised that my 8 year old name change from Australia would not actually count back in the old country.

I was born in Galashiels and that is on my Australian passport as is the full adopted name too - I am who I am. But the birth name was Alison.  No middle name.  I only ever got called the full name if;  a) I was in trouble or;  b) I was at school/doctor's/library...  Mostly I was Ali and as an adult that is how I introduced myself. I always preferred it.  It is a name, though, which can lend itself to some confusion in this multinational world.  It is a universal name in many ways. Another of the reasons I like it.

There came a moment in life where an inner whispering took hold.  An experience I will not explore here.  It was spiritual and would not be ignored.  For about nine months I went around with the name Yamini inside me, used it only as the 'pet' name between myself and The Higher.

Then the moment in a group workshop where I was asked to introduce myself and without any hesitation (or planning!!) out it came.

Yamini Ali MacLean, homoeopath, healer, counselor and spiritual seeker.

That was nearly a decade ago.  Hard to believe.  The legal change came about a year after that declaration and it has always felt comfortable.  "Right".  No getting round the fact though.  Here in Scotland, there is a need to establish this now familiar identity. 

As mentioned regarding the home purchase, Scottish law runs a tad tengentally to other law. Turns out that here such things are not done by deed poll but by going to the original birth registration and having the certificate entry itself altered.  Being in Edinburgh, I was able to visit the actual building. I had an interview with a delightful lady who enthused about my name and was more than happy to organise the alteration to the entry.  I will be forwarded a 'new birth certificate', the extract of record.

I shall be born afresh in the Land Of My Birth...

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  1. Ah - I had indeed wondered about the name. And also the pronunciation of Yamini (emphasis on which syllable, for example). I confess I think Alison is a lovely name too, but it sounds as if you feel the same way about it as my brother Max does about his full name 'Maxwell' which was only used when in trouble at home or school..
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Hari OM
    Forgot about the pronunciation!!

    YAA-min-EE but said with flow...like 'add more ghee' or 'time to flee'''''''&*>

  3. I love this:
    "Scottish law runs a tad tengentally to other law"
    My son changed his name. None of my kids now have the same last name. Really kooky!

  4. Trust the Scots to do it differently. :-) Down here a birth certificate can only be changed in very limited and specific circumstances. I like the idea of just trotting along and getting the nice lady to change it for you.....


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