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Me-Now-Views; the Less Speak More Peek day

I pondered what could be my theme today... and decided variations on a theme might do. Photos where I had taken one and then played around in the editing software for artistic interpretation.  Enjoy.

This is the original, taken by a friend Robyn "A"

Choreopsis by the roadside. Australia.

Robyn "A"

Suitably dazzled??  Now to linky!!


  1. Wow, I wish I could do that. I'm sure there are such programs available for my iMac, but if I had them, I'd never get anything else done, ever.

  2. Fun! I can do a bit of this. I wish I made time to learn more.

  3. I have no clue how to do this, but it looks so cool!!

  4. Isn’t it amazing what we can do with just one beautiful shot. You have created a lovely series, with some very cool effects.

  5. The flowers look so different under the different filter and effects. Interesting!!

  6. Neat-O!
    What software are you using?
    I'm still trying to learn photography, but this makes me anxious to explore post-processing!

  7. Wow! what fun I love the colour and different textures

  8. Very nice. I like your artistic interpretation. Although the base is the same, each image has a nice wonderful feel to it.

  9. Hari Om
    Thanks everyone...@NC Sue, to be honest there are from my archive and a time before current system setup. The photo editor I used at that time was for the Corel8 suite... I still miss that!! Currently I use the Windows Live Photo Gallery, but is is definitely more limited.

    Still having fun though!!

  10. I like this! Creative. Fun! :-)
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  11. I love photos like this, too cool!

  12. Wow, now that's pretty cool. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


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