'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolympics [men-oh-limp-icks]; condition of not knowing which way to look

That title needs little added in explanation and I know I am not alone in being totally distracted by the excitement, the athleticism, the competitive edge countered by the camraderie.

Even as I type this for you now I am fighting with looking round Voo-voo's screen, which is blocking the view of the Men's Figure Skating; how dramatic it has been with Pluschenko withdrawing due to injury then many of the contestants getting injured during their routines, one US contestant looking like he was out for the count, then getting up and still fitting in all his elements... then the youngsters, fresh and naive but showing all the promise of big things to come.

But, oh!  Then there has been all the throwing of bodies down hills with no grip on them; Slopestyle, Ski slopestyle, Luge, Ski Jump, Skeleton.... SKELETON - you gotta know that has been named appropriately.  I admire it all because I know that as daft as I am, I could never get anywhere close to qualifying for the gold medal in staying upright.  Or alive.

There is a bit of me, though, which can understand the adrenalin rush; the desire to see just how far one can push oneself.  In walking, swimming and sailing I have been in situations where I have thought it impossible to make one more move.  Then been proven wrong.

So excuse, me.  Got some viewing to do...

Sending out Love with the capital 'ell' to one and all.  YAM xx


  1. I have been trying to boycott the Olympics due to Putin's ridiculous nonsense about LGBT people, but I don't live alone, so have seen some of it. Did see Pluschenko skate pre-injury (have been a fan since he was 15) and saw the two Canadian girls win gold and silver in skiing (moguls, I think) but the only ones I wanted to see were/are/will be the Jamaican bobsled team. Many years since the first such team appeared in Calgary but I love the whole idea.
    As for pushing oneself, I can't push myself to the door today, but would like to be proven wrong.

  2. Sorry I haven't watched much of the winter games.

  3. That's Merle and me, with the telly off. Good they have you!

  4. I have read a little about it on the internet but so far haven't watched any of the events. It sounds like there have been lots of injuries this year.

  5. As a pup, I don't understand this Olympics but I can tell you that my mom is glued to the tv when she isn't at work. That would be another reason my blog suffers....she seems to think other things are more important. My mom was very sad that Shaun White didn't win a medal. And my dad says the Skeleton should be called the Concussion!

  6. We've been watching like mad, what with hubby trying to recover and all. It's been entertaining.


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