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Me-now-views - Less Speak More Peek

As I go to post this, 45 minutes till 'broadcast', there appears to be trouble brewing at 't'mill. Certainly in the Gmail comms department anyway.  Let's hope this is going to go to the ether without resulting in YAM mangling the English language...

As much for the record as for proof to my regulars of the complaint, today's "views" are of the damaged goods which arrived from Australia.  (We won't mention that I am tired and this is the easy 'go to'... but it can't do any harm to have it documented.)  I promise to make more effort for next week's LSMP sequence!  

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No linky this week folks - can't keep up with it!  Feel free to hyperlink in comments if you so wish.


  1. I must say I was very lucky, but then again, everything came by moving lorry! And I have been led to understand that it is impossible for a lorry to drive from Australia to Scotland.

    Will you get any financial compensation from whatever company you used? Because it is of course ridiculous having that amount of damage!

  2. Uh oh. No springs in that lorry. One way to become unattached, I suppose. We do hope your will be rightly recompensed.

  3. Hari Om, Yam! Fingers crossed for your petitioning to the movers. I hope they're not chumps who'll shrug and blame bad packing. Indigo x

  4. Hari OM
    Thanks guys - the thing is, the lad who delivered the stuff to dad's garage even admitted aloud that there may have been a forklift involved...

  5. AACK!
    I hate the process of moving. Glad you're getting settled in. Best wishes in your new home!

  6. Oh my now that's not good :-(

    Hope you get it all sorted out

  7. oh no!!! i have moved 5 times myself and i can totally relate to this....

  8. That is just wrong in every single way I can think of. You should talk to the company you used and they should be responsible and pay (I know something have more value than money) but it can help.
    Hope you can get something!!
    Have a lovely day!

  9. Oh my, was a gorilla driving that forklift? It looks like what happened to my luggage when I moved from Alaska to Oregon.

  10. It's so sad, but it is only 'stuff'.
    I'm always amazed how, in a fire or other incident, people weep over stuff when they were darn lucky to get out alive, e.g., floods.
    I'm trying desperately to declutter whilst my daughter empties her late father's house.


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