'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menocursination [me-no-cursin'-eh?-shun] the condition of verbal puzzlement.

Picking up from yesterday...

Having taken the shopping wheelie-bag with me on the return to Edinburgh, this was used to stick the rolled up palings of pine for transportation.  The shorter ones we were returning worked quite well in this arrangement.

The extra length, extra width of the correct item, however, was rather more cumbersome and rather more heavy.  The wheelie dealt with it quite well, but there was risk of tippage. Negotiating kerbs, stairs, escalators, platforms to trains ... all this was challenge enough.

Edinburgh to Glasgow was smooth enough.  Boarding the Glasgow to Gourock train though, was troublesome.  First they changed the platforms on us two minutes before due departure.  Rush rush rush, crush crush crush. A fine young tattoed and face-studded fellow jumped to my assistance for boarding.  He was sympathetic, too, when it was revealed that the train was NOT in fact going to Gourock as there was line work in progress.  We had to alight at Paisley and bus it.

That same fine young fellow with facial metal hauled my heavy load down the four (yes four) flights of stairs at the non-lift-endowed Paisley station.

Luxury coaches now ferried passengers between the stations en route to Gourock.  At snail's pace. Their time-tabling was atrocious and we not only missed the 1720 ferry, but were scheduled to arrive eight minutes AFTER the 1820 ferry also....say what??!! Disgruntlement boiled over.

The driver, though, was understanding and took flight as soon as he was sure not to bump into timing inspectors again.  The ferry in its turn saw us coming apace - YAM at rear of course.  Huffing and puffing and dragging a buggy of wood.

I am NOT a bag lady, I retorted to a comment - just making a bed.

This didn't improve things.

Arriving in my door some five hours after departing Edinburgh, I immediately set to laying the slats and actually making the bed; in case I needed to collapse.

I am pleased to report it sleeps very comfortably indeed.  I hardly know myself...and have overslept more than once!!

Now for the guest beds...


  1. Looks as if the room was made for the bed. Looks doggie size too hehe

  2. How sweet. It's a baby bear/Goldilocks bed, just perfect for your own tale.

  3. Great bed looks very cosy, does it have a extender bit in the middle in case you grow taller.

  4. I think I would very well sleep in this bed !

  5. That's a heckuva lot of work! Well done.
    And Mr. Rogers says, look for the helpers!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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