…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolonginashun [men-oh-longi-nation]; the condition of delay

Am still in Edinburgh.  The original plan was to stay till Friday morning then scarper, having put orders in and arranged deliveries to the familial home.  Then family could bring stuff as and when they were headed West.

This afternoon, though, the father muttered something about visiting the Big Swedish Furniture Barn.  You see, the YAMster is still without a bed.  Still camping down on the standard issue 1950's army canvas hammock.  It has served me well. The getting down into it of an evening must surely be a sight.  The rising from it at nature's call or when the morning arrives (whichever comes first) is surely one of those activities deemed worthy of watchability among the reality teevee crowd.

The sleeping in it has been comfy enough.  The time has come however when a proper bed is called for.  Nay.  Demanded.

So off we went and got lost  looking for such.  They know what they are at, those IKKY folks.  We eventually came to the children's department.  Oh yes, m'dears, you must recall the mention.  YAM is vertically challenged.  Or ought that to be horizontally, this being the grand bed hunt?

The father looked askance.  Was his daughter serious?  You'd think he knew me better than this by now.  Then he saw me lie on them.  Understanding dawned.  The issue was not only that I do not require much more than an overgrown cot.  It is that the space it has to fit into in the cubby hole that is becoming my bedroom will not hold the 'standard' bed of 200+ centimetres in length.  There are only 183 available.  No bed comes in at that. So it is the extendable version which can be rested at 160cm which has been purchased.  

All good and well.  When we went to collect the thing from store we couldn't lift it.  Not even an inch.  No worries, there was a sprightly young bloke only too happy to help.

The there was the getting the stuff into the car...

Anyway.  Long story short, as we drove home, the father decided that we wouldn't be able to lift it out the car again and he would rather drive me back West with it and go through the agony there.  That will be on Saturday.

So I am delayed in the capital.  It could be worse.  Now I can do some more necessary shopping and load up the spaces in the car which remain.  &*>

I get to come back with him (to make sure he is safe on the road) and get to spend another night here, then use my return rail ticket on Sunday.  I have a plan for the unloading too.  It's called unpack-at-car.  Then we can just take one spar of wood at a time.

It's never-ending this moving lark.

SUNDVIK Ext bed frame with slatted bed base IKEA Extendable, so it can be pulled out as your child grows.


  1. We were once having a guided tour through Muckross House in Ireland. Lovely house, dreary guide (he had memorised the whole thing and didn't take well to questions half way through or any other form of distraction). Anyway, I saw this bed. Like the one in your photo. It was old. Antique. But I had only ever seen it at the Blue and Yellows. I uttered Ikea. My people loved it. The guide was not amused. And afterwards he certainly tried to get us out asap.

    The joys of travelling!

  2. Hope all goes well with a bed. Meanwhile, enjoy Edinburgh.
    I'm still scarred by the memory of buying a narrow solid pine bed for a tiny second bedroom in a London flat, then on delivery finding there was no way it could be got into the bedroom. Then finding the rip off merchants in the Fulham Road furniture store would not refund the money...
    PS Thanks for the kind comment on my last blog post.

  3. Bed looks pretty good but I have one of these or something like it and I had to put two foam matresses on them because it was hard to turn a innerspring one and the foam is easy to do, just a idea.

  4. Is that the bed? The raised sideboard will not go amiss, either. Good job.

  5. Oh, I didn't notice the raised side boards. Good idea, keep the pillow from escaping.
    My whole body ached for you when at the mention of the cot. I could never get myself out of one of those.
    An air mattress might work for me, though, because I could just roll off. Oh, but then I'd have to get myself up off the floor.
    Okay. When I come to Scotland, I'll get a hotel room.
    Meanwhile, I had to check to see how many inches your 160cm would be. 62.99, pretty much five-foot-three. Canada switched to metric when I was too old to change my brain.
    Luv, K

  6. I like that bed. Your challenge of loading reminds me of when I bought a bed for my apartment in Alaska. It was a chore to get it up the stairs and into the small bedroom.


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