…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menory Lane - taking a wander...

I must say, it was heartwarming to read all the lovely responses to Friday's post. Who knew the mundane business of a bed could bring out such wonderful (or not so...) memories for others?!  Yes the little board will be useful both for pillow stabilisation AND for boosting myself out of the thing.  The double mattress idea may take place - but it's springs for me, as foam draws my kidneys and spine something dreadful; it will be more to add four inches to the height.  Meanwhile the father and Mac1 are plotting 'risers' for the feet.

This could prove interesting.  Stay tuned!

On another tack though, I have been lamenting to myself that the blog has become a bit stuck on the home-making lark and forgotten it is supposed to be sharing wider experiences of life and especially memories.  Right on cue, Aitch and I were on the chatterbox Thursday evening and the subject of Thetford arose.

The father, electrical engineer extraordinaire, was a young project manager when the family was based in Suffolk.  There was a wonderful time when his office was located in Thetford, in the disused Thetford Bridge railway station on Castle Street.  I was excited to find on 'street views' that the building still stands, albeit boarded up and surrounded by the sort of fencing that suggests the developers have got their hands on it. (You can try this link.)

By PentneySam [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Google Images
Memories of this place are fond; of the warren of rooms inside; of 'helping' sort the filing; of getting to 'rubber stamp' the mail.  Early administrative instruction for the 12 year old.

Thetford itself abounds in history.  Many of you will of course be familiar with the BBC classic comedy show, "Dad's Army".  It was filmed here! Latterly, when they left the studio, they would go to the forest.

Thetford forest will forever remain the magical mystery place of my childhood.  We had many a happy picnic and overnight camp-out there. The trees were, (of course!), 'Ents' and many a communion was had with these elders of Nature by the imaginative Mac Tribe.  I have been to many a forest.  This one will rank in my top ten though.  It has character.  It has size.  It has spook.

It has age.  It has beauty. (Thanks again to Google images.)


  1. So fortunate there are no walls around our childhood visions.

  2. "Dads army" that was a fun show.


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