'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoteorology [me-not-e-or-alllodgy]; the condition of watching the weather, part 3

Start back at part 1, really, you need to...two clicks back only...

One good thing about being on this road was that the wind was much less.  There were plenty of trees to break it and somehow it wasn't blowing so hard.  The rain was worse though.  Even that started to ease however, as we came down to the junction where we had to hang a right onto the B839.

That's correct. Bigger number.  Less tarmac.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any narrower.

We entered faerie land.  Well, actually it is referred to as Hell's Glen.  Certainly in the prevailing weather conditions, one could perhaps see brownies and goblins, rather than faeries. Several more hair pin bends on an upwards brae - and, as one had come to expect, a speeding-onwards car.  I held my territory.  Let the sleek BMW land where it will.

This Google-supplied image isn't exactly it - but it gives the 'feel'.  If you are so inclined, you can 'take the trip' courtesy of this Maps Link. "street" views!!

So, Mac1 sometimes dropping far behind, other times sitting on my tail, there came a point in the journey where traffic started to build up behind us.  The hoons genuine locals coming back from a weekend in the big smoke.  I could see one black landrover trying to get into the tail pipe of Mac1's car, so as soon as I could find a passing place of sufficient size to fit hers and mine, I pulled in.  

Away he zoomed.

We came to a point in the road where the forest cleared away and the hills opened somewhat. Dad muttered that soon Inverary would be spotted.  Sure enough there it was, sitting pretty on the shores of Loch Fyne (famous for it's herring...turned into kippers). Here is another Google borrow.  If you are wondering why none from me...well firstly I was driving.  Secondly the weather was just NOT this good. Thirdly, the 'Nik' had been packed in the back.  Somewhere.

Inverary is to the near right, just off the edge of this picture.  We were travelling down towards the loch side to join up with the A815.  Two lane traffic and fifth gear again!

That road took us all the way down past Strachur, the shores of Loch Eck and round the Holy Loch, at the bottom end of which we hit the Clyde Estuary and Dunoon.

Home.  As we arrived the rain stopped.  Dad got out of the car, stretched and, this man who says very little without reason, muttered "well done".

Seems I passed my test!

Unloading the vehicle up two flights of stairs I will not bore you with.  You all know what it's like. After a bought-in lunch and an hour to assess my new dwelling place, the parent and the second child got back in their respective cars and went the slightly shorter way back.  Via ferry.  Our more than four hours coming was only two and half for them on the return.

I cannot ever sufficiently thank them for that help and company.  That's family.

As to the menoteorolgy game...well I now have a view that permits an accurate assessment at any given minute of what is going on in the climate.  Stop by Sunday, for more on that matter!


  1. Oh, good, now we're in that lovely kitchen with red and white tile and get to watch you unpack.

  2. It's always good when the rain stops when it is time to unpack.

  3. Not much praise, but when he does, he really means it?!
    My Dad was one who was quiet!


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