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Me-now-views; Less Speak More Peek

I missed the linky round last week due to the little 'time out' I gave myself... it was worth doing as I did rest the old brain a bit.  This week and next however, due to travel and visitation, I shall have to limit my own tour round the blogs again, but I am putting in the linky for any visitors who care to join in.

This week, oh long-suffering reader, I bring you the continuing saga of home settling.

In every Hindu home, there must be a place dedicated for worship; the home temple (mandir). One of the things that drew me at the very first sight of the pictures and was confirmed when I viewed the flat is the impressive entry hall. Some bedrooms are this size!  

Additionally, the press (shallow cupboard) immediately presented itself to my imagination as the mandir.  Here is it's transformation.


I managed this over two days.  Taking the shelves out (very rough and home made efforts in the first place) and removing the doors both required a fair bit of brawn.  It was important to me to get it done in time for Ramnavami - birthday of Lord Rama.  Very pleased with the result.

Have a wonderful week everybody.  


  1. You should be pleased. A lot of work and a beautiful job.

  2. I was wondering about those shelves that sagged in the middle. You did a beautiful job of transforming that cupboard into a lovely shrine.
    I've linked one of Dick's adventures in Iceland. I was nearby, napping in the tour bus, and am happy to say I didn't miss the adventure one bit.
    Luv, K

  3. Well done, Yam. That has worked beautifully.

  4. Hari OM
    thank you my friends...the journey from presbyterian 'no frills' worship to installing a 'full package' mandir has been interesting. xx

  5. Ah, a big entry hall. Lots of room for bicycles then!
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. Hari Om, Yam! I have to say, that's a beautiful shrine, and a wonderful use of space. Nice work! Indigo x

  7. I agree it's beautiful well done :-)

    Have a tanfasticated week & thanks for stopping by ;-)

  8. Wow, that is very well done. It looks beautiful!

  9. How beautiful! Peaceful, glorious colours!

  10. thanks for the link, she would have a hissy fit is she saw this, from Baptist to Hindu would be to much for her heart. Presbyterian is a mix of Baptist and Catholic I think. you are so creative. it is the perfect place for this. what she meant when she said Shrine in a snarky voice, was worship of statues...


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