…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Me-Now-Views revisit

Given I am absent from the flat I thought I may as well show a bit more of it.  Did that make sense?  

Of course it didn't.  Menopolyxinaemia tends to worsen when one is menopuggled... Having left said flat at 0745h this morning, I duly arrived at father's door at precisely 1145h.  That's four hours of ferry, foot, train, bus, train, taxi.  Then there was the exercise.  The neighbour's 80th birthday bash was being held 'up the road' at the Minto Hotel.  The father and I decided to hoof it.  We knew where it was.  We forgot neither of us actually has hooves and, indeed, neither of us is particularly nimble in the limbs. He with the Parkinson's and me with the "Arthur". Fifteen minutes felt like an hour.

There was a goodly crowd to honour our friend and almost certainly I was the youngest.  I could partake of none of the food.  Even the one vege option seemed a bit suss so just stuck to a cup of tea.  Had some good conversation with absolute strangers and hugged a couple of folk with whom I had distant familiarity.  But mostly I enjoyed seeing a very dear and spritely 80 year old having a fun time.

Then we walked back.  Gluttons for punishment.  I had some food, a hot shower and now am faced with doing a blog post.

At the risk of boring you all to tears, here then are some of the further improvements and bric-a-brac.  The 'table' at left is a cardboard box dressed in a linen tablecloth.  The 'loveseat' was an op-shop find as were the cushions.  I had the throws.  The little telephone stand was another op-shop find.  As was the thing the television is standing on. Under its camouflage is a bog-standard coffee table that has seen better days.  I only paid four quid for it.  Then I placed a piece of polystyrene boxing and on top of that one of the bowed chipboard shelves I had taken from the press-turned-mandir.  Instant stepped statement piece.

Then there was the worry of what to do with my jewellery.  Another little op-shop find set my menocogs whirring...

A pole with no brush became a curtain road.  The lace net threaded perfectly onto it without any need for needlework or scissors.  The 'pelmut' is an Indian banner with symbols for auspiciousness and prosperity.

I do have boxes, but they require space, surfaces, or drawers.  None of which are currently available.  Besides, I like ease of access.  I don't have loads and I wear most of what I have at least once a month.  One of my boxes, you may recall from an earlier post, was badly damaged.  The glass completely shattered.  Well most of that glass dropped into and among the contents.  So it had to be cleared out.

Only the rings will require a box now...


  1. Thank you very much to all who sent their prayers and best wishes to Vicki, she is much better today thank goodness. She even ran outside when I came home from work and couldn't wait for her tea and even gave a little bark when I was not quick enough getting it for her.

    Many thanks

  2. Some wonderful statements there, especially the jewelry curtain.

  3. Very nice! I love the jewelry curtain!

  4. That was quite a bit of exercise for one day but I'm glad you got to help your friend celebrate her 80th birthday.

    I love the pretty little curtain jewelry holder, it is very clever.

  5. Curtain jewelry now that's different and if you hung the stuff you wear you could always find it.

  6. You and your father were certainly brave to walk back again after your 15-minute hour earlier. I'm sure I'd have begged a ride or called a taxi.
    Like the others, I'm impressed by your ingenuity with the jewelry curtain. I would never have thought to do such a thing.
    The photo of your "new" furniture and explanations of the construction thereof were fun. I dealt with furniture today, too, or at least supervised the removal of quite a few things. We're getting closer to the painting stage of my redecoration, although I must consult with my husband by phone about things like moving the television, as he is away on business.
    My grey/white/black colour scheme with red tables won't be quite as ingenious as your decorating, however.
    So glad you were able to visit with your old friend for her 80th birthday. Too bad about the food, though.
    Take care on your return journey.
    Luv, K

  7. When I bought my Torridon cottage I negotiated separate purchase of much of the furniture. I occasionally worried that I had not given a fair price, until informed by a neighbour that the previous owner used to boast she and never paid more than £5 for a piece of furniture. It seems that you too have the knack of finding stuff without paying an arm and a leg.


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