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Am having a bit of a 'fallow' time.  Focus a bit scattered. Have 'notalot' to offer. It has occurred to me, as I sit and attempt to make some kind of sense, that this could be in part a result of the lack of sun.  

A week.  One entire week of nothing but a blanket of fog.  

Nothing to be photographed outside.  Well there is.  Just can't see it.  As a general rule I don't mind the weather.  However it has to be acknowledged that perhaps one has slipped into some sort of hibernatory huddle.  The brain in befuddle.  No organisation, just muddle.  As we say round here, am in a 'guddle'.  One has been forced to look out and appreciate the multiple gradations on the grey scale.  

Then, for crying out loud, literally as I type to you I look out the window and what is that I see looming in the glooming (not a typo!)???

A yacht.  Some leisure hungry chappie and his cronies have given up.  No sun.  No wind. Let's go sailing regardless.  Full sail with a little tip on the keel but it has been stuck on that same spot of water for over 10 minutes now...

It is the lack of wind which has caused this lingering, this lurking of the murk.

Thank Heaven's for the colour in here.  Am fond of the rainbow.  May have mentioned it before. Have always had multiple colours around me.  Even though tied by the existing decor here, dominating in red as some of you have noted, I have still been able to bring in my Bollywood style. Worth noting, too, that due to the enormous windows even now there is a lot of light.  When the sun IS here it becomes a solarium...I think I showed you this one before... but this is for me!!!

...and there is nothing like a daff to bring a smile.  Last week when I was out and about and the sun decided to say hello, I spotted these delightful primulas also.

...oh and that yacht caught a draft from somewhere.  Not there...drifted away.  As I shall now do.  &*>


  1. Oh so it's not just the dreaded northeast haar then!
    Cheers, Gail, in even greyer than usual Aberdeen.

  2. All potter, no pother. The sun will return, your side and mine.

  3. I'm glad you had some color during those foggy days. Our fog and gray weather has all but disappeared and given us bright sun. I love the colors your choose for your new home.

  4. That is such a warm and welcoming room, Yam. I sympathise about the murk. We drove up through Scotland from the border to the far north on Sunday 30th and could see very little for much of the way. Certainly no gorgeous glimpses of mountains and lochs. Sigh...


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