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Menoloopal [men-oh-loop-ul]; the condition of blowing one's stack

Warning... this post is a gripe.  Bureaucracy gets everyone's 'goat' I suppose.  Usually it is one thing at a time.

Here, though, in the short few weeks of setting up a new home in place to which I am now foreign, I have butted heads with just about every possible department.  Be it the power suppliers, the communications 'services', or the Argyll & Bute council.

Part of it, I suppose, is that so much here is run by computers. Once it is in there it seems to be near impossible to implement change, make queries or argue the toss on whether a bill is justified or not.  Week by week I have been swatting them out of the way.  On Monday though, I was forced to sit and type up two of the most politely scorching letters I have had to type in a long, long time.

A&B appear to have duplicated an entry.  I keep getting reminders about a week apart with all exactly the same details on.  Except the last one. That was 'red'.  It was a demand 'or else' threat letter.  They are good at that here in the UK I have discovered.

The very next mail drop I got a similar thing from the power company I am NOT using (they supplied the previous owners).

I have paid both parties the pertinent amounts long ago.  Clearly the computers don't know this. What is more, earlier advices from myself have also got lost in the systems somewhere, for there have been no responses. Thus, I have taken to good old printed letter writing, along with photocopies of relevant documentations and photographic evidence.  My own demands have been placed.

Somewhere, someone has to hold 'the buck'... for all their might, the computers can only run on what is put into them.  Entering me twice is Council's problem not mine. Continually demanding payments for gas I can prove I have not used?  Just keep trying...

watch out, little dogs can bite ankles...


  1. oh dear life can be anoying at times.

  2. I'm sorry for all your frustration! It seems like there's lots of aggravation going around - I've had some similar stresses lately as well. Oh well, this too shall pass ...hopefully!

  3. I think it helps to blog about your, and my gripes. It's a much healthier release, than bottling it up inside.

  4. That is one thing I have escaped so far. Once I want to buy however, that will probably soon change. But, right now I have way too little in my account to even think about buying a hen house (which I have already anyway), let alone a proper person house!

  5. Nothing wrong with blogging about your gripe. I have done it from time to time.

  6. well well well I loved the last pic .. indeed might be small but when the ankle is bit .. big things whine and fall for sure ..

    oh yes the RED letters .. and beleive me I had EXACTLY same Two letter would come, I paid at the first bill.. but the second one kept coming.. in the end when the red came saying .. they will send those people or whatever they are called.. I had no other option but to SAY.. BRING IT ON ...

    they are IDIOTS basically.. and as you said on my place COMMON sense has Gone for a Walk ..

    in good old days If i saw a Hole in the Road and knew i could fall I would walk on a different side.. NOW people look for a board saying its dangerous .. please dont walk over.. if that is not there , they will walk over ..

    and hey deep breaths .. deep breathes .. count 1 to 10 .. yes Calm down ..



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