…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menory Lane - dredging the archives.

I just had another go at scanning old photographic prints.  Most of those are now going in the bucket as they are really only to trigger memory and are of no enormous technical merit. Plus I really don't want to hold onto 'stuffs' any more than is absolutely avoidable.

A handful of goodies or particularly important shots are going to be held but I have an aim to reduce to a total of one general album if possible.  There are a few specialist ones; whole holidays with journal notes; sci-fi collaborations.  To be honest I am still trying to locate everything.  There are still half dozen boxes that have not been any more than cursorily opened and I am hoping that some pictures in my memory are going to reveal themselves in person.  Sigh.

Here is a random selection from this current batch.

First; on top of Mount Conobolos in NSW.

That's the father, Mac3, Aitch and my mother.  It was taken with the old Minolta SLR, however the print has not 'weathered' too well, hence the colour distortion.

Very blurry - mum grabbed my camera to capture this on the back door step of the Turrumurra house, North Sydney. 

We had Cockatoos and Kookaburras and Currawongs who all became semi-tame.  I was not long an emigrant at this time and it was all still very very new and novel!

Not that I ever tired of such experiences mind you...

...neither did I ever tire of this view.  I made regular visits down to the harbour and the Botanic Gardens, from where this photo was taken.  It is the humidity which gives the hazy cast to this one!

This is a particularly Australian scene.  Am rather fond of this one and the print has held up well hence scanned suitably well also.

A neighbour's son at Turramurra took this one the same day as the one up top.  

He had recently bought a new camera and gave me this print.

Strewth, the difference 25 years makes...


  1. Oh lovely pics and good memories.

  2. It's the truth, all right. And the pix are worth the scan.

  3. It is fun seeing your old photos and reading the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing :0)

  4. I love that tree!

    Isn't it wonderful to look at old photos and relieve the moments from the past. You've got some fun ones here Yam.

  5. Hari Om, Yam! Ahh, Oz is a wonderful place. I fell for the kookaburras, who are essentially big cheeky beige kingfishers. Majorly cheeky, in fact. I must return =) Indigo x

  6. Such beautiful memories in those photos regardless if you are satisfied with the quality or not.
    So, they have our Western Australian boab trees there in their botanic gardens. They are so unusual and up north have even been used as prisons.
    I truly can't imagine 25 years will have done much damage to such a beautiful face. You are very lovely.

  7. Oh don't, Yam. I look at old photos and then in the mirror and wonder where the time went.....

    Don't throw too many photos away, or at least not without scanning. As memory joggers they are irreplaceable.


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