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Menosukhi/Menory Lane - the schools...part 2

On Friday I began an autobiographical chapter - it continues here, but also focuses on a particular memory which is still held fondly in memory.

The School Trip.  The one where we went to the Isle of Wight. It was the the first time Whitton School had attempted anything more than a weekend bus tour and it was also the first time I had slept away from home, not having previously been able to join in.

Can you see me there - stuck in the middle of the huddle on the deck?  The trip across the water on a big boat was the source of much mirth.  The boy beside me is Charlie Brown. Truth!  He was a good pal and it was from him I received my first kiss.  Not then, not here - much later... before moving schools again.  A timing which saved me from having to say no!  Perched in front is Jackie Kerrigan who was a good friend and fellow Guide... lost touch at end of Junior school.

Here's the whole bunch of us on the grounds of the Hotel - don't recall it's name, but I rather think the town was Shanklin and I have clear memories of visiting Ventnor for its botanic gardens and Alum Bay for the coloured sands.  We all made up little souvenir jars to take home to our parents of course!

That must be the hotel up behind me.  Can't match it to any I see advertised now, but this was 45 years ago remember!!!  That's Kenny Johnson on the right - our class clown. He was a very clever lad who went on to become a civil engineer, if I recall correctly.

It was a tremendous holiday and I don't think there were any negative incidents or serious misdemeanors.  This either means we were a particularly well mannered group, or the teachers knew exactly what they were doing!

Mum kept that little vial of coloured sand for decades.  It finally succumbed to breakage, as all glass things must.  Thus a piece of history was swept away...


  1. I think that was an incredible class trip for the time. Now days those sort of outings seem organized and supervised by parents. Did you have mostly teachers along, or some parents, too?

  2. Hari Om
    Teachers only Joanne! Those were the days...

  3. What a wonderful childhood experience you have described here and incredible pictures too.
    Charlie Brown? We had a cat by that name, a chocolate point Siamese.
    Thank you for sharing such an important episode of your life. xx

  4. Hari Om, Yam! You were kissed by Charlie Brown? Oh, good GRIEF...

  5. Giggling over Indigo's comment.
    Class trips in those days were such fun. Not at all like schools these days.

  6. Gosh, a school trip of longer than a day at primary level? Nothing like that in our neck of the woods, but you obviously had a wonderful time.


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