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Menowerthemagogs... Out and about in East Anglia (a Sunday sighting)

Continuing with the Cambridge chronicles! (started Friday for those who may have missed...)

As mentioned at close of yesterday's post, the church of Greater St Mary's had quite a lot going for it.  In a different way from it's "little" cousin down the road.  The building as a whole was of course magnificent (what place here isn't?), but what caught my attention were the details.

First impression was one of simple grandeur;

The pews were all individually carved with backs cut into fretwork and the ends all given a character; at the very front on the centre  pass the creatures depicted were the lion and the unicorn.

... many a hand has stroked his back!

Windows were mostly kept simple but were of course effective and the stonework was outstanding.

There was the possibility of climbing the tower... but on seeing this, it was decided to leave it to younger legs!!

As we exited the church, it was clear that things were afoot.  Over the way outside the Senate Building, marquees had been set up and there were lots of gowns and mortar boards plus the odd top hat. 

Sitting over from the church to have our lunch, we were regaled with the bells ringing out over our heads for bursts of 5 to 10 minutes each over an hour or so. Delightful!

As we walked away from here we noted at the rear of the church, within the grounds, an art 'installation'...

...there was no plaque that I could find, so leave you to assess in your own way.

After this we passed more of the ancient and noble colleges before coming to Round Church. Called such for reasons obvious...

Small but astonishingly powerful.  We were able to listen to a potted history via video feed and there were many informative boards.  Wood carvings of angels and a stunning window of the risen Christ were two highlights for me here.

Now, I had also hinted yesterday that there was a connection between Greater St Mary's and a church we visited much later in the day. It could be said that there was a connection with Round Church also...

More on that for a Sunday Special next week.  

For a taster, though, here is the thing that connected the two churches (in my mind anyway)... much more crudely cut, but still, to see such things twice in a day was one of those little pleasers...


  1. British history is so old, and so condensed into such a small place. I've decided that is why it is visually stunning.

  2. So much history and so many old buildings we are a young country for settlement but we have areas that so old but not buildings as old as this


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