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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menowerthemagogs... Out and and about in East Anglia

As mentioned yesterday, Aitch works at Addenbrooke's Hospital.  It is in Cambridge. The current site is not the original building or land.  It is out to the edge of the city and covers quite an extensive area.  We stopped by to drop off the projector then headed into the centre of Cambridge itself.  Found a park no bother, right opposite Sidgewick Museum of Earth Sciences.

Right from the outset, then, we were captured by architecture and subject!  Aitch wanted to walk me round this building and along the main street somewhat to see the original Addenbrooke's building, which has now been restored externally and completely refurbished internally and is now the Judge Business School. I was super impressed with the architecture.

...mind you we didn't get there by a straight line.  Pembroke College Chapel and a few other sights cropped up along the way.  One thing we had to adjust to were the bikes.  

EVERYwhere.  Not above running a peg-legged aged one off the pavement either...  

This was the building utlised by the London School of Economics during the second world war.

The Pembroke Chapel was one of Christopher Wrens' works.

Do you agree with me I wonder? Truly, the feeling inside was surprisingly airy and welcoming.  

From here we visited briefly the old outpatients building next door, (now Browns Bistro), which has retained many original features. 

Then it was out and across the road and back in the direction we had come.  This time though we stopped for a cuppa. It was the Fitzwilliam Museum cafeteria. 

Pleasant drinks but I found the interior here to be quite suffocating (said the claustrophobic one).

The exterior was singularly imposing though.

...and there is plenty more to come!!!  We are heading up to Norfolk for the next three days, but I will be posting only about Cambridge; A) because there was lots of it, B) because there will be no way to transfer piccies during the next few and C)...because there was lots of it    &*<>

Prepare yourselves.


  1. A small world. My sister-in-law lives near there and is in health care. But of course, it's a small world.

  2. I was really sorry not to se more of Cambridge when I took my mother to a funeral there a couple of weeks ago. Even more so after this report. Pembroke Chapel is beautiful. Oh and I had fun avoiding all the bicycles when driving around between church and burial ground on the edge of the town.
    Ps one quibble from Gail the pedantic geologist. The Sedgwick Museum, please! (Named after Adam Sedgwick, one of the greats of English geology, and early mentor to Charles Darwin in his Cambridge days).

  3. Interesting place I like exploring old buildings, this one is very beautiful.

  4. Hari OM
    Fair cop Gail - typos WILL have their say from time to time but I thank you for the pick up and the additional info, which added to the whole!!


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