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Menory Lane - An Island Adventure - 10


  1. I'm curious to know, when you read back through old scrapbooks and diaries, what you think of the person you then were? Would you today be recording and writing about the same things, for example?

  2. Hari Om
    EXCellent question! Reading back over the letters which found their way back to me and looking through this journal and others, it can be said with all honesty that the interests and character have remained stable; writing style has hopefully improved!

  3. The same for me I think. Oh but I also look back and think "was my handwriting really that neat, back then?"
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. I like seeing how LUSH and FULL the foliage is. That and SO DEEP Green.

  5. I am quite sad I threw out my only diary I ever had. It was a sort of communal diary in which everybody was asked to write a few words or sometimes whole stories! My mother warned me I shouldn't throw it out, but of course I did. Reading your story here makes me angry with myself.

    Anyway, love yours!

  6. Just loving this journey! Reading the handwritten journal pages and seeing the original photos really lend to the experience!

  7. This is why, like wine, we are better when we age! I like looking back to see where we have been!


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