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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Me-Now-Views; Museum Moments part the fourth and final

...it began on the 1st... just sayin'...

Now a post for Aitch to ponder over - all of you of course, but I was thinking particularly of my good friend who has a deep and abiding interest in all things royal...

Okay. They were self explanatory.  

Something which is not, though, is the following mysterious item.  Being an ex-pro-cook and ace archivist, I am wondering if Aitch has any idea what this spoon may actually have been used for; my own thought is that it was the serving size allotted at each meal...

It is a little difficult to guage the size in this shot; but if you know that the paper is A4 then you can see that the bowl is a hand span in width. The depth is about four inches. Click on the right pic to enlarge for reading; it does not mention the spoon, but the item is known to have come from one of these homes.

I'll leave you with that and bring a close to the museum visit.  For now.


  1. Other than a DIPPER I have never seen a "SPOON" of those proportions...
    What a fascinating artifact.

  2. Hmmm....very interesting! I have no idea! Thanks for all your support over the last couple of weeks. Being in that convent was quite trying for me!

  3. So the Queen visited Dunoon the year of my birth. I find in incredible that, for those of us who have reached the fine age of 55 years, there has been one constant through the whole of our lives, and that is HRH Elizabeth. One cannot help but find her impressive. What a shock it will be when she is no longer around.
    Cheers, Gail.


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