MenoSunday; Life Lived Easy

The new season of UK's Strictly Come Dancing is now in it's second week.  I of course recognise only one or two of the 'celebrities'; but in a show like this it doesn't matter.  I'm here for the dance!!! 

Having had the mandatory ballet and tap exposure as a kid, in early teenage I decided I would prefer ballroom.  Mother even made me a beautiful green chiffon dress to wear for those classes. All greens and aquas in swirls galore. The two boys in the class had to be shared around. Every sixth week I got a male partner. This was  not necessarily an improvement, in dance terms.  

I adored the waltz, was pretty good at the cha-cha; and due to previous ballet and gymnastics training, could hold a candle in the tango and the pasa doble. Can't even wriggle a toe these days of course.  But a gal can reminisce.

This couple live up to the litheness of their names.  Enjoy this stunning energetic, balletic and highly artistic rendition!



Merlesworld said...

Loved dancing when I was young, now just the old peoples shuffle or something like that.
We all learnt to dance but these days doesn't seem to be as popular.

Joanne Noragon said...

Aren't these dancers something!

Mara said...

I love strictly! And am so happy I am able to see it again! I only know half the people though, but I already do have my favourites!