…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoggling - checking it out!

"IT" arrived; last Wednesday arvo, in fact. Bit of an investment this, so there are high expectations. I was thwarted from giving it any real try out though, 'cos the sunshine which had managed to show face over the previous few days, hid.  It hid good and proper. One of the last shots with the 'Nik' (sit DOWN Charlie mate!), proves my complaint - check this out...

That was actually from the previous week - on last Wednesday...and Thursday... etc, it was even more murky than this!!! 

Wasn't going to let that delay the start of my explorations with the Fudge though.  

Fudge?  It's a 'Fujifilm Finepix S9400W'.  Fudge for short.

It's got a lot going on.  Interestingly, not all of it thrilling me at first impressions.  There was stuff the 'Nik' was doing with minimal fuss whilst on the Fudge one has to go digging around in setup files.  I am quite sure that once familiar and knowledge has been built up it will furnish me with some worthwhile fun in my photography.

This is more your 'bridge' camera than a simple point and shoot with pretensions (which the 'Nik' was).  It is the nearest thing to DSLR one is going to get without having to switch lenses.  At early output though, I am wondering if this comes with some compromise of clarity. We'll see.

Anyway, that first night I had a little play around in the lounge. Here are a handful today and tomorrow there will be a few more.... prepare yourselves!!!

Sitting at one end of the room, the lens stretched a few mm to the other end of the room (which is 5m long BTW)...

Some of my stuffie furiends.
Stretched the lens out a lot further to focus on Mr Pickles and Mo Monkey...

Then turned to other wall and took one of the calendar (if only I could catch a live herd.. this shows that the long lens needs a steadier hand!)

Then I shot myself in the foot.... so to speak...

That blue tumbler is going to be the focus of tomorrow's set, but let me finish today with two comparison takes. The first was on the standard automatic function which does everything - the point and shoot hangover.  The second was taken on a function called Prepared, which takes the settings the user gives in terms of exposure and shutter speed etc, then memorises it so if it is a favourite setting, it can be used again.  The control over the depth of focus and such with this (and several other functions available) show promise......

This has been written not just for the fun of it here, but because MY TAKE is not a wordy blog, per se, and I needed to put this down for a link; some folk who generally only look at that blog might actually be interested in it!


  1. Yeah ...... I'm interested. I like these photos. May it take many a year for you to get to know how to use 'Fudge'. Keep the indoor pictures coming, aye?? Even the misty, foggy or whatever that stuff is keeps Mum interested.
    Stupid name ..... I LIKE fudge. I don't like your FUDGE.

  2. I have had Fujifilm cameras and they seemed to take quite good photos. Have fun with your new toy!

  3. Ooooo.....Have a great time with your new friend!!

  4. Great to read that your new camera has arrived. I guess that it will take quite a while before you get use to it's new functions.


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