Menowerwheelmed... getting emotional on four wheels

Something happened whilst I was in Edinburgh. I became the owner of a vee-hicular item. The Father had made a decision regarding his clutched car, in that he thought it might be better with me.  This is a relief insofar as, if he buys another, it will more likely be an automatic and more suited to him now.  It is also a great boon for yours truly, as now I can get out and about in the surrounds of Dunoon, broadening the already quite vast horizon!!!  

'Little Ren' has a tricky gear box, not least that there is a tendency to slip into third when first is the requirement; then there is the clunk and scratch of the cogs...and coming to terms with a fifth gear (they only had four when I learned the shifts and last owned a car). 

Let's not worry overly much about the hand brake requiring four inches more arm length than I actually have.  If other drivers see me diving below dash level, they need not worry, I'll be back up soon enough, surveying the territory before and around me.

I need another four on the legs too, if truth be told.

All that said and done, I drove home on Sunday last in fine style.  &*>  There was traffic to contend with.  Surprising amounts given it was indeed the day of rest. There was also the road conditions to handle.  The 'motorway' resembled a shuffling dole queue in places and even became a parking lot at one point. Roadworks must happen, no doubt about it. Most of these delays, though, appeared to have no specific cause.  Still and all, I was in no particular hurry.  For the stranger called Sun had striden...strode... walked into these here parts, which gave a light and wonder to even the grimmest parts to be viewed.

The Cenotaph ceremony came over well on the radio (I do not like distractions whilst driving, but this was a special circumstance) and by the time Glasgow was in the rear mirror, the land was starting to look truly glorious.

At a temperature of 11'C, thank you very much.

At Gourock, there was a further half hour delay before going to ferry, due to the local Remembrance gathering. Lucky I'd packed stuff for pickernickering! I stopped in the car park to chew sandwiches and from a distance was able to hear the proceedings, then managed to snap these:

I was a fair way off, so that they turned out even this decent is pleasing.  

Once over onto the Dunoon side, the weather was so very appealing, I didn't come straight home... I continued driving!!! I'll share some images from that extra hour tomorrow.  You may like to see the Little Ren though...


  1. Looks like a practical vehicle - leaving aside the need for limb extensions.
    Fine photos of the Gourock gathering.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Oh you are way behind times my car has 6 gears!!!! well 7 if you count reverse.

  3. Crikey Aunty ..... you got yourself a little 'Ren Hen'. How cute!! We'll sure see you comin' in that little number, aye??

  4. What a cute car! Mom understands the problem of driving it. She is vertically challenged and used to drive a car where she had to scoot down to shift or brake. It was an adventure!

  5. I think she is a cutie, what's her name.

  6. Yam on wheels - how good is that? :) Enjoy your new mobility.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring the LITTLE RED "REN". She looks like a real beauty.

    OMD that was a grand parade... We would have loved hearing the pipes.

  8. Congrats on the wheels! Talk about freedom . . . on the open highway . . . looking for adventure! Oh, we would have loved the pipes as well!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Aaaawwww....Congrats n your new addition!!

  10. How wonderful! Congrats on the car.
    The kilts stir something in me, I'm adopted and don't really know...
    But my adoptive family loved music. M brother was in air cadets. Nothing better than a pipe band!

  11. She's a little cutie. Good color, too.


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