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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menolyrical; Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails!

Over at Murphy and Stanley's place it is last Friday of the month story day... click to read more!!!.

Normally I use a photo to prompt my stories and this is no exception; but we are also given a sentence by M&S which we have to highlight in the story...

Benny had asked her what she had made for this year’s resolution. Marta had snorted and shrugged.

‘Oh I don’t do resolutions – not since I was 21. That last one WAS THE WORST NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION THAT I EVER MADE!

‘Why is that?’

‘I had decided that, having been nowhere, I wanted to see everywhere.  Ever since I can remember I was telling the folks I was going to go travel out of the way places and maybe play at Robinson Crusoe. I took out a loan and booked a round-the-world air ticket.  On the list was Alaska, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, East Africa, India, Russia, Norway and Iceland and then home again….’

‘What, no Europe?’ interrupted Benny?

‘Yeeccchh, don’t talk about it… anyway, the bank agreed the loan and off I went. Ticket bought, passport organised, all the vaccines taken and bags packed.  Mum was having kittens. Dad was saying ‘good riddance’ and Mowbray the pupster thought he was coming too. I had a job persuading him there was no room among the swimwear.

Alaska was fabulous and whilst there, I was able to organise an Aleutian cruise and whale watching and all sorts of fun stuff.

Vanuatu was outstanding – I mean what can you say about tropical beaches that hasn’t been said before?

New Zealand was where the wheels started to fall off the wagon train of Marta. There was so much to see and do and I was booking tours this way and that way and round the back as well.  By the time I reached OZ there was only money left for one tour. Someone told me about a company which did adventure trips to off-shore unpopulated islands.  Sounded exciting and if I had to end my tour early, then it might as well be with a mystery adventure!

Big mistake.

There were only three of us on the boat.  I was the only passenger…’

Benny’s eyes popped.

‘Yup, you guessed it.  They stranded me. Took all my luggage and passport and what was left of the money.’

‘Pirates! Wait – you got your wish to play Robinson Crusoe!’

‘Yeah, kinda. It was a Friday, come to think of it… ‘

‘…go on then, tell me… how’d you get outta that mess?’

‘Oh they came back next day.  Turned out they were under-cover bank police wanting to teach me a lesson about misuse of loan funds.  They impounded all the goodies I had bought and sold up my trendy clothes as part payment of the debt, then made sure I got my passport back and saw me off at the airport.’

Benny stared at her. ‘Am I expected to believe this?’

‘That’s up to you. All I’m saying is you gotta be careful what res you put on your lution. ‘


  1. O M D WOW this was a grrrrrand story fur FFHT. Love the ending... with a MESSAGE...

  2. I agree with Frankie! This was amazing and I was right there with you. Love the line ...this was where the wheels started to fall off the wagon! Love it!

  3. Lovely story. So glad it isn't true! Or is it?

    1. Hari Om
      &*>.... no..... at least not for the writer.... Yxx

  4. I luffed it Aunty Yam, 'cos it made my Mum go all smiley
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. No wonder you didn't want the dog along. Nuff of a tail as it was.

  6. Crikey ..... you're real good at this, aye??? That was some story!!

  7. Lots to read about the moral to this story! Well done and the hop is open!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. WOW.....we just loved this story....and we will do our best to keep Mama from taking a loan out to travel, but we are pretty sure Daddy wouldn't let her anyway ;-).
    Dory, Jakey Arty and Bilbo

  9. Like, anyone would take lessons in how to behave right from a BANK!

    1. Hari Om
      heheheheheheh - not per the usual of course, coz the banks round here surely push the loans and credit stuffs..... I reckon they ought to have secret police like this though to give folk a frightener sufficient to change their ways.... okay, I occasionally live in cloud cuckoo land..... &*> Yxx

  10. It was great to travel with you, butt I wouldn't like to meet that "undercover-pirates", how mean that they messed up a wonderful trip that way.... can I pee on them, when I see that guys?
    Easy Rider

  11. clapping wildly ...we almost miss seeing this. We need to make sure we bookmark this bloggie too. Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Hari OM
      ...oh yes you must my darlings - some impawtent posts coming up!!! Yxx

  12. Well done! How creative! You are amazing!


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