'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoffagainorrhea [me-noff-again-or-rhea]; the condition of the endless traveller

Yesterday you saw the start of what turned out to be quite a few weeks of not being in Dunoon (with a ten-day return to break it up). Christmas and New year have already been reported. On that part of the trip nothing of any major effort was made to move outside the door, beyond going to the art gallery.  Do you recall the mention of purchasing art? So the ten-day break was to make sure the flat was still where I left it, do the housework things and swap suitcases. The weather was totally unpredictable so packed for all eventualities. On that second drive over, the motorway was chosen because it had really, really, snowed again...

Not at all promising. That piccie above was taken just before I left - at 11am!!!

As it transpired though, the driving was dry and fairly smooth.  Though it must be said that the M8 is perhaps Scotland's equivalent to the M25 down South.

Eyes on road YAMster.

Arrived in time to take the father over to the other side of the city and collect his new vehicle. Red again, but this time a Hyundai i20 automatic.  Very smart.

Farewell Dunoon....again... note the High Kirk spire; it's a great navigation mark!

I did end up staying nearly another three weeks again. Nobody was chucking me out and was enjoying quality time with the father. He did want to try out his new car one day though; so we set off down to Hawick to visit an aunty. I enjoyed being a passenger again, 'coz I could click on the run!

Hawick was once a thriving hub of industry for the Borders Region - mostly textiles-based - but is now rather a poorly place. 'Tis sad to see heritage buildings left like this.

On the return journey ...

At Newtongrange, the story is again one of industry lost.  This time, coal mining. There is a large museum here which I have never visited... one day... and another day, I will finally stop where I can get a decent pic of this Victorian viaduct, which is finding a new lease of life due to the rebuilding of the railway from Edinburgh to Galashiels!

Dad's wee car made for a very smooth ride and he seemed to enjoy the freedom of motoring for himself again. An enjoyable outing. If rather bleak... more tomorrow... can you stand the strain?

(I overheard someone in recent times saying that there was a bonus to not having photo albums to deal with any more as one couldn't be bored to tears by another's need to share every 'nudge nudge, wink wink'. Clearly the fellow had not come across YAM's blog posts!!!)


  1. STOP PRESS;.... I preposted this week as if by premonition - for I have again been called to Edinburgh due to the father going down with winter 'lurgy'. Caught the not-quite-first ferry and watched the sunrise over the water. Apart from a major wind, a serious downpour and a lashing of sleet, it was a fine journey and was here mid-morning to relieve Mac2, who needed to get back to Nottingham.

    All go in the MacLean clan!!! Yxx

  2. WE are sending POTP and hopes that things will be better with him.

  3. Sending you and your father tons of support, love and healing wishes across the miles! Take care!!!

  4. Lots if snowy goodness there, glad you enjoyed time spent with the father.

  5. We also hope he is doing better! We love the photos cuz it's a peak into another place!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I'm fine with your pix. I dearly hope to visit the Isles before I'm under sod.

  7. Hope your father feels better soon....and I am never bored with the tales of your journeys!!

  8. Sure hope your Dad is ok. I'm bored out of my brain with your pictures but Mum, unfortunately, LOVES 'em!! Stupid Fudge!!!!!!! The road with the snow on the hills and the one of your Dad drivin'!!!! His hand on the wheel .... she loved that. She's a big fan of OLD HANDS, along with old faces and old anything really. Must be because she's old!! She has the most beautiful photos of her Mum's (96 year old) hands. I might just let her put them on my blog one day. See ...... I can be nice!!! Give your Dad a kiss for her. She's an awful flirt with old people too.

  9. Enjoyed the little tour of the Borders, an area where half the towns seem a bit sad and forgotten, and others (e.g. Melrose) thriving. I'm wondering what difference the newly reopened railway line will make?
    Cheers, Gail.

  10. Hari Om
    Oh there are lots of rumblings about the line; the same folk who lamented it's demise in early 1960s are now lamenting the upheaval of its renewal! They grew old and wishful of the world standing still. I like the looks of it and can't wait to have a go... watch this space!!! Yxx

  11. It was great to be your passenger, I enjoyed to see this great places through your cam.
    POTP for your father and a giant silvermistygrey hug.
    easy rider

  12. Love love love that first photo of your return home. Very nice indeed! And very wintery as well.
    The day I will be allowed to drive again will be a grand day! For now however I am still on morphine based meds and it's not a good idea to mix those with a car. I do miss the freedom though!


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