…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menoggling [men-ogg-ling]; do you Go-Ogle???

NO IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY TODAY - but this is what appeared on my Chrome search page on the actual day recently. Do you see what they did?  Has anyone else received their own personalised greeting from the Big Ether Engine?

Now two things sprang to mind; Awwww isn't that sweet?.... and eeerrrrcckkkkkk, they know where I am....!!!

It's a double-edged sword this being online. We all know that. However, as with anything in life, one must stare it in the face and decide how best to utilise what is on offer and reject what doesn't fit for one's own particular needs. One of the risks we run when we have so much on offer, though, is that we can become very set in our ways and thus unadventurous. Either that or we run scared from the effort it takes to sort through and 'upskill'.

Those of you who have been around here long enough, will recall that the YAMster was an analyst/ programmer in an earlier chapter (...note to self, really must get back to the MacHistory stuff...) and despite a number of other qualifications and skills pushing that well into the background, one of course never really lost the geeky nerdy techy interest.

Image result for nokia 6230iImage result for nokia 3210For all the fascination with tech, though, there is a strong streak of the Luddite in me and it has to be said that not everything which appears is necessarily something that is wanted. Take the mobile telephone as an example. As a Trekker, I always said that when personal communicators became available, I'd want one. Mobile Bricks started to arrive and I said, 'when they get pocket size'. Then they became pocket size... but I had realised by then that just because you had a phone in your pocket, the world thought it had dibs on you wherever and whenever you were. Not my style. When selling property back in 2004, I succumbed as things were not going to move smoothly without one.  (That's it on left.)  It served me well right up till I left for India in 2011.  When I got to Scotland at the end of 2013, my brother said I had to have a mobile. Did I?! To make sure of it, he handed me his old set. So this is what I currently hold (at right). Now, there are a fair few of you out there wrinkling your noses. I can feel it. Tough. It does all that it is required to do. Serves for travelling and emergencies. It is otherwise ignored. Operating one in the dairy aisle because you want to ask the kids if they'd like extra cheese with their pretzels? Unnecessary, folks!!! 

(..ahem..) This explains something of why I don't go 'booking face, talking with birds, hashing at folks, instanything' and very most certainly am against the [un]interesting pins, (which BTW is infamous for its lack of attention whatsoever to copyright... jus' so you know...)

I know a lot of you do. Not me though. What has this to do with Going the Ogle? Well it comes back to the fact that being online does enforce some element of visibility to the masses, even if that is not a preference. It is possible to hide behind 'doors' and folk can only visit by invitation, but that is also not desirable. One may be a loner, but not a recluse!

We are gathered here in Blogville and its 'suburbs' because we like hanging together, we have common interests and are keen on visiting and learning about new places. We do so through blogging which, for the majority here, is through Blogger itself which is a Google subsidiary. There are some on the WP and Weebly and other such blogging platforms. Blogging is the place to be when you want to do more than just whitter. It is a fairly solid place (as much as any such can be which operates in ether). It permits and encourages meaningful commentary. Of course there are those which are geared up for 'look at me' and 'buy me pay me'. Just like moving about in real society though, one can move along and only pay attention where you find the quality which suits. One of the heartaches for me is that there is so much of interest and quality out there and only so many time units available to find and visit them! (Take note of that last sentence. It bears relevance to my topic - which point will eventually be reached ;~})

Having recently embarked upon a level of enterprise at RedBubble, one was faced with all the linkups available. Thankfully, the Pin thing could be 'arrested' and right-click disabled in attempt to prevent image theft. Also chose the only networking tool that I opt for and that is Google Plus. That said, the default 'share' option with the Big Little Eff is still there, but that is fine - if others wish to spread the word on my behalf I can hardly quibble. There are other share options available but it requires a couple extra clicks to do that and again, am fine with that. As long as I am not being forced to join up all over the place myself.

Two things. Spreading oneself about over many platforms enlarges the possibility of personal invasion. Spreading oneself about over many platforms enlarges the amount of time one is required to invest in order to make them at all worth having a presence.

Dunno about you, but my time units are all very involved and have yet to find the magic potion which will expand those units.

When I signed up for Blogger a couple of years back, the Google Plus pages were strengthening up and there was the option to take a profile that was specifically Blogger, or take a G+ page.  I opted for the latter - not really understanding much about the difference. At the same time I opted into Chrome as my primary (now only) search engine. As time has progressed the functionality of G+ grew; now the MY TAKE blog posts are automatically loaded into the G+ page, drawing quite a few more followers as a result. (Have yet to figure out why Aatmaavrajanam doesn't autoload....)

Image result for google plusTo be honest, I still didn't pay a lot of attention until the start of this year. Fellow bloggers were 'plussing' my stuff and I was also doing this to posts I particularly enjoyed. One does this by clicking the little G on the post, or at the top of the screen. What I started doing this year, (this pertains to my point above regarding time versus visits), was plussing posts on blogs which I visit irregularly and do not necessarily have on my list, or on regular blogs during high traffic times when I cannot spend too much time making my usual pithy and pertinent comments, just so that they'd know I had 'sniffed around'...

However - and here is the cruncher - it started to dawn on me that not everyone will have realised I was there, even then.  Why? Well, unless that blog owner has shifted from Blogger profile to G+ profile, they most probably are not getting the notifications. These notifications show up on the top right of the screen in Chrome (the bell symbol). Which means they also require to have Chrome as their operating browser - I just checked IE to confirm and definitely the notification bell is not there. Heaven knows about any other browser.

Are there benefits to swapping to Chrome and to G+?  I believe there are. Next Friday I shall discuss the Plusses... and some minusses!!!

(...and in case you are wondering, this is entirely my personal view. I have no affiliation whatsoever so you're getting the benefit of direct experience, trial and error, long hours of personal upskilling and not a small amount of swearing.)

Image result for computer comics pictures

..and don't forget our invitation to Blogville!



  1. Oh, Yam, it is so complicated and mind boggling. When my darling geek was here the other day, clearing up the detritus of my recent computer melt down (I have no background in the stuff in the black box), he calmly sailed through bits and pieces of Google. I use Chrome for blogging, simply because Blogger quit supporting IE. The more I use Chrome, the easier it is to continue, rather than switch to do some other thing. He convinced me of the benefit of Google's cloud storage, so I'm there. And gmail. But he cannot drag me to Google Plus, and for no other reason than people I do not like and do not want to be pursued by are there. So, I will be very interested to hear your views of Chrome.

    1. Hari OM
      It is indeed mesmerising Joanne...and I am in awe of all the bloggers I am meeting who have a few years on me and are still willing to brave the new world!!! The point you make is one that prevented me venturing too far regarding connecting, but I hope that you will find some value in the followup post that will help either confirm your opinion or perhaps engender a new view. Nothing is ever set in stone. Like the food thing, this will be only my own personal, albeit moderately educated, point of view which may or may not be of use to others! Yxx

  2. WE use IE to get our EMAIL and Chrome fur Blogging and fur intermutts Searches...
    We have not gone to the G+ thingy.... beclaws Mostly...we don't Understand the Difference and don't really want to be leaning somethingy New... We are sort of OLD and set in our ways... here on the hill....

    1. Hari OM
      Hi guys - and I hear ya! I am not at all one for chopping and changing unless I see clear and appropriate purpose. Once you read next week's entry it may make some difference to your approach... or not! I had been doing so much deeper research in part because of the shop but also because I am aware that by sitting in comfort zone, nothing much is going to move, even in blogging terms. Already, by using the stable post on G+ about recruit a pal, I have had some new visitors and comments, so the visibility is definitely worth considering. Anyhoo... am putting it out there and folk can take what they wish from it! Hooroo.... Yxx

    2. WE will FUR SURE be interested in learning MORE ABOUT THIS next week. We are not opposed to change... we are just VERY SLOW to do it....
      We just got an Android ... CELL Phone... back in November... We are GLAD we waited that long since we were able to PORT our Land Line over to the Cell Phone.... which you didn't USED to be able to do... and we sort of have mad love fur that OLD land line number...

    3. ...OMDs, you took a SMART fone which all sings and all dances??? Now y'see, you are ahead of me in that - I don't even have walk about home phone - still got the retro look curly wired handset thingy....I know what you mean about the # thing - in OZ I ported my landline number to all three homes I had. .... Yxx

  3. It's a little scary that Mr. G. knows more about me than myself :o) it's sometimes annoying, that they block special things, because of tracking the country... and I thought it's still a WorldWide web... yes, I'm a dreamer hahahaha
    easy rider

  4. HEEEEEEEELLOS!!!!!!!! So, how much did you miss me????? I missed you tremendously!
    Well dis was a brilliantly written post. Seems like we has been totally out of da tech world fur 87 years.


    1. Hari Om
      Oh yessssss definitely MISSED YOU!!!! (I had sent emails for mum's b'day last year but now realise that I had missed out a couple of relevant dots.... tsk....)

      Oh it is good to see you again Puddles and co... Don't worry, you'll soon be up to speed again &*> Huggies, Yxx

  5. I agree, as always. I love your pithy comments. G+ I lose out on somethings.
    It's the price we pay for a free hosting services.
    I loathe some of the Facebook stuff, but keep in touch with 2 of my 3 kids there. One has left it.
    I don't have a cell phone, as I'm just don't need to take unimportant calls when I'm out. This phone seldom rings as it is!
    Excellent rant!!! Cheers from away, xx


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