…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosoupal Interception

What's she on a bout now? Well, it's this post. Am pretty sure I had one planned. Somewhere in my personal processor, though, the great inner ether of the YAMmerhead, it has gone. Been intercepted, one suspects, by the dread menoplyxinaemia.

It has been a while since such an occurrence. Had rather begun to think that maybe the worst was behind me.

Apart from the short term memory departures of course. They've set in permanently, it has to be accepted. As have the moments of complete and total emptiness. ...and I am not talking meditative highs here. We are discussing the 'were it not for the breathing we might think she was a goner' kind of emptiness. The only way to fill it up again is to backtrack. Sometimes through every door in the flat. Or just let it go and move on with something else.

Which may explain the scissors by the pot plant, the dirty laundry beside the toilet and cup of cold tea over on the desk there.

Let's gloss over that for now and ponder what may have aggravated the now relatively benign condition. There was, firstly, a small, shaky health issue. A longstanding thing, nothing to worry, but distracting. No sooner that back under control than I realised I hadn't yet sorted out my UK passport application.... well... long story short, this involved a quick trip over to Edinburgh midweek (10 days back) in order to find someone who was not family and who had known me for longer than an ant could pole vault. This coincided with Little Ren being due for her MOT and service...I drove straight back and submitted the app via the PO - and barely a week later a letter turns up demanding I attend an interview....??!!!

Risk of being a fraud it seems.  Appointment duly made for July 8th.

As that was getting sorted out I was also on my third day of insomnia and not exactly coordinating. Major push to fill up the bloggies by Saturday - including this post being done last Friday - as am again in Edinburgh - this time for longer and to enjoy family and outings. Didn't really want to be spending time posting - I'll be dropping by your pages to say hi though.

Yes. All of a dither, I have been. Rather a lot all happening at once and whilst that can be invigorating, it has to be said that am a bit out of practice with the juggling. Self inflicted. Sort of.

...Of course, when I say 'insomnia', it may be prudent to confess that the third night of that was not so much unable to sleep as I just didn't go to bed and even try. I got some new software and when that happens I get all besotted with learning curves and stuffs. Literally curves, in this case. It is a graphic arts program and am already having heaps of fun with some new 'toys'.

Okay, so it's not a bone or a chewy; but it is my equivalent.  &*>

Right. How was that for a load of drivel?

WARNING WARNING WARNING - LAST TWO DAYS TO GET YOUR POETRY IN FOR THE RODEO!!! Got a few - a couple more would be brilliant.........


  1. Our Mom has ALWAYS had that "NOW WHAT was I gonna Do" " Why did I come in HERE" and "WHY did I do THAT" sort of stuffs happen to her... She has to write NOTES to remember stuffs... and has done THAT fur Centuries.... so we KNOW what you are about here...
    So we hope you get all the stuffs sorted out and Perking Along nicely... We are SURE you will...
    We, Also are going to be going AWAY fur a few days.... and guess WHAT??? WE are so LAZY that we aren't even gonna leave our furends with posts... while we are gone..
    SO we give you a nice big GOLD STAR fur being such a GOOOOOOOOOOOD Blogger. Bravo..

  2. BOL...Oh YAM.....this Meno thing is sooooo not for sissies, is it?? I know just what you mean about "blank spaces" and "laundry ending up by the toilet" and in my case, my hot cup of coffee in the icebox. Hang in there. One day at a time!

  3. I have many blank spaces myself. I guess Dory is right, one day at a time!

  4. Crikey Aunty ..... I could write a book on my Mum's antics. You've got nothing to worry about. At least your dirty laundry was BESIDE the toilet bowl not IN it. Enjoy your time with your family in Edinburgh and take it easy, aye? Get some sleep. Forget about us. We'll be here when you get back. Relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you sure that health issue is ok?? We worry about things like that you know!! We hope all is well. Hugs!!

  5. my momma has note pads efurrywhere... even next to her bed, so she can write her "bad idea list" even at night... but mostly she can't read what she wrote at night :o) Hope efyrrything come out fine for you... hugs and Weim-Power to you :o)
    easy rider

  6. Hello, I have had the same memory loss moments too. And my doctor seems to think it associated with menopause? Maybe, maybe not. Funny your post reminded me of the "I love Lucy" episode where she needed her passport renewed. I am not sure if you are familiar with the I love Lucy TV show, though. I hope all is well, have a happy week!

  7. Please don't talk about passports. I think I have to travel to Oslo for a new one. Or perhaps Stockholm which is in Sweden. Not a clue, but it will need sorting before my trip to Canada next year!

    As for the menosoup, that should not be coming on for about 7 more years according to the doctors. I only had one month of it and thought it bad enough.

    Hope you have a great time in Edinburgh. Take lots of photos please!

  8. I've so accepted insomnia. I listen to the radio and learn about crazy things!
    I have had dropsies, and losies, I tend not to put things away. It's so dumb. xx


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