…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menosopholy; a mind ramble

Awoke this morning** not knowing what day I was on. Do you ever get those? The 'where am I, who am I and is it dinner time yet?' kind of days...

There is no obvious reason for the occurrence; except perhaps that I slept a full eight hours. Rather a rarity round here. It has disturbed the system, perhaps! Anyhoo, the morning drifted with little in the way of productivity. What constitutes 'productivity' in the YAMster's hutch? Different from others' no doubt. Bear in mind mine is a contemplative and creative existence.

On waking, there are prayers to be attended. During and after ablutions, there are prayers to be attended. Morning puja (altar service) to be attended... (have found that I drop the incense part a lot of the time now, as there are fire alarms I can't reach which react rather fiercely to such). Through to the office space and fire up Voovoo the vaio. Attend the morning run of emails and bloggies. A break then for some meditation. (This is only 'productive' if I keep the mind where it belongs!) Back to Voovoo and listen to some teachings, either from my own collection taken whilst at Sandeepany, or from the Chinmaya Channel; or read a particular part of scripture related to the postings for Aatmaavrajanam. Contemplate the essence of that teaching.

Lunch break. Sit and rest my eyes upon the Clyde...if it can be seen through the weather.  Today it can.

snap taken with YAMspetoo the tablet

Okay, not exactly shining, but a peculiar silvery-ness, such as I recall only ever seeing in the Bonny Land. Something to do with the moisture in the molecules and low light angles, no doubt.

This morning it was only; lumber out of bed, get the cuppa, do the emails. Then fall into a kind of dwalm, staring at some text and coming to realise that not a word has gone in. Sleep, it seems, begets more stupor. Getting myself back on track, took the porridge at the usual time; in the half hour it has taken me to write this (yes, a few 'dwalm' moments even here) and since taking the snapshot, the sun blared through. Then hid again. Pleasant whilst it lasted.

Afternoons? Well, usually, it is back to Voovoo and begin prep on post/s for Aatmaavrajanam. They take time. They need care. They require refinement. They swallow as much time as I will give them.

An added pressure now, is forward planning. That blog, at least, must be fully prepped and scheduled for the entire time of my absence from the Bonny Land, capering over the OZ territory. Plus some extra weeks 'just if in case'. The posts take so much time, it would not be at all appropriate to be using up valuable visiting and travelling space. Have worked out where I will be with texts and other teachings. Now to get them written. As well as keeping the current posts running. ...hmmmmm. Think I may have found out why I zonked last night. All that marking pages and workings out was a bit more concentrated than I have had to do for a while.

I have plans for MENO, too. Ways to keep you all entertained whilst I globe trot. TAKE will only require a day of solid prep to schedule a couple of months of photos, so not worrying about that one.

When do I normally post for MENO then? Usually do three or four days at a time and Sundays and midweek are pretty much when they get done... usually at night. Making an exception today**. It's all topsy turvy already, let's face it. When does RedBubble happen? In the spaces available within the above, but mostly in the wee small hours. Add into all this, my own spiritual researches and continued study...

Very little creative writing has been getting done. About this time last year I had pointed out that there was a goal for personal writing also. It's there, it gets looked at maybe once, perhaps twice a week. Strange things happen around the YAMster though. It can look like nothing. Then becomes much. Bit like that flower the other week. Stay alert.

**Of course, when I say 'today', it is actually the day before you are reading it. Donchya jus' love time-lapse?

Salvador Dali "The Persistence of Memory"

On a different tack... has anyone else been pestered with 'cookies' notices appearing every time you visit someone's blog - or even your own?! Peskyness.


  1. We can identify with your wandering mind. We have the wanders today as well. Mom and dad silenced the alarm this morning and then slept 3 more hours. We will have to run in the evening when the sun goes down! And yes, we have stopped reading a blog due to those pop ups. We sure hope no one is getting them on our blog!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hari OM
      EVERYONE'S blogs are showing them from my side - and unlike when you tick it on standard websites, they come up every time I go to a same page..... including my own, which is just 'pants'... Clearly Google are having to tweak with things because of all this mobile tech updating bizzo that is going on in the world; but it sure is an annoyance. I have no doubt someone will scream a them and in another few days there will be further change... sigh... Huggies, Yx

  2. Mum ALWAYS wake sup wondering where she is and what day it is…she is a very heavy sleeper and the alarm clock is always a shock.
    Me, well I just roll over in to Mum's warm spot, the one she's left as she drags her confused brain to the bathroom!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. is that the view you can enjoy efurry morning? wow... I bet it makes efurry day to a good one... we can see only our neighbor stalking around with a pipe in his mouth like Popeye :o)
    I have that cookie-terror too. even when I click okay, it appears immediately when I visit the next blog... google is watching us... always :o(
    easy rider

  4. I cannot ever claim to be a globe trotter. I live, vicariously, through blog pals!!!


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