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Menosukhi - a wee tad menoloopal, laced with hope.

Have been trying to shake off some images from a "Storyville" program watched late last week. These shows take up news items and work them more deeply than any newspaper or current affairs production would do. An admirable task; though it does lead to some harrowing viewing.

I once watched quite a lot of telly - though did try to remain discerning as to what. Nowadays, I generally find the telly an imposition. I switch it on for the news, maybe a game show or two (University Challenge is a life long favourite). Other choices are very much of the mood of the moment, and DVDs generally more convenient. More often than not I opt for silence. I do like a decent mystery though, and educational proggies such as history, science or anything to do with animals and nature.

It was the latter which informed the decision to switch on for Storyville. I knew it was not going to be easy - the leadups made clear it was about the death of an elephant, but I was intrigued to find out the view of the handlers.

Needless to say, (with one exception) there was very little in the way of remorse.

It remains a total mystery to me how seemingly intelligent beings, who claim to love their children, families and whatever else they name, can in the same breath say that other creatures require harsh and even life-threatening punishments in order to 'tame' them. They clearly do not understand 'Love' at all.

Does it not compute in their walnut brains that an animal - any animal - taken out of its natural environment, is going to be less than happy and not keen to cooperate; that fear is the only thing which is keeping them in place and that, eventually, fear may turn to rage? Another Storyville item was about the orca Tillicum, who, distressingly, remains at Seaworld. Another orca, Kasatka, also at Seaworld, has shown her aggression too, yet still those people proceed to breed from her (artificially). I am one hundred percent in favour of conservation, but am deeply sceptical about the motives of places which make animals perform.

It is the same mentality which presided during the times of the early slave trade; the thinking that other than white Caucasians, there could be no sense of self, any feeling, any intelligence. Modern-day slavery is not about even this much in the way of rationalisation - it is purely greed driven.

Man's inhumanity to Man and his fellow creatures, continually throws up the dreadful truth that there are those who exist on this Earth who have not one iota of the capital 'ell' among them.

My heart aches for a world where such ignorance remains. Solace is found by supporting those who can make the physical and political efforts to eradicate the darkness and in praying that with each passing year, softer minds, gentler hands and kinder souls will rise. High ideals and strong humanitarian values must prevail. It has been observed in various corners, that some will say - "oh but your values are not my values"... which is missing the point entirely. Genuine values are universal. They may be couched in different language, but the essence is multilingual.

Indulge yourself in Pure Love of the capital 'ell' variety, dear readers. Pray that the Tykes and the Tillicums are eased of their angst. Pray that the children of the world come to know safety. Pray that traffickers of all varieties are called to justice. Do not think prayer to be the domain of the 'religious'; if you have the capacity to sit in silence, focused only on the subject of your Love and Compassion, with thoughts for their improved circumstances, you have prayer in your toolbag of life!

Do not underestimate your own power to add to the difference which can effect change in the world.

Thank you for listening. Yours with the capital 'ell', YAM xx


  1. Mom says:

    I think we humans have cheapened the word "love" to the point that we no longer understand what it really means anymore. And I typically avoid animal programs for fear of seeing those haunting images. It seems like people take one idea or concept and only apply it to one thing, without considering its connection to other related things. For instance, people will shout that abortion is wrong because killing is wrong. (And the more serious ones will kill you for doubting it.) But then on the other hand, they support the death penalty. They do not see this disconnect. There's so much that doesn't make sense. My dogs make sense.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy, Stanley & Mom

    1. Hari OM
      Agreed... this arvo, having written this, I watched BEETHOVEN and got a full gush of puppy love and it was gooooood. Yxx

  2. There is much grief in the world. The trick is to look for the evidence of Love.
    I loved your poem on my post!
    Mr. Rogers' mom told him to look for the helpers in any crisis.
    Off to the radiation oncologist this afternoon. We'll see what is what...

    1. Hari OM
      It is ... you're welcome!... good advice ... will be watching for updates! Yxx

  3. I'm with you.. and I sometimes thing Charles Bukowsky was right with the words he found for the humanity... but as long as we are still there on our slice earth we will carry on to try to things a little bit better...
    easy rider

    1. Hari OM
      that's it indeed, Easy; the thing is, that if there were no such happenings in the world, what would be there to give us such incentive? A world entirely free of evil, would equally turn out to be a world which did not know good. A different place entirely! Yxx

  4. Hello Yamini, there are times when I feel more for the animals in the world then for people. I am definitely an animal lover. The one time I was at Seaworld and watch the Orca's perform I had tears in my eyes, I felt like they should be free but I still enjoyed seeing them closeup. Is that weird or what. Great post, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!


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