…..'A sense of humour lends you poise, it gives you balance and it helps you to bend without breaking'…..

(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menorderayshun; administration & preparation

All the pre-posting organisation has been keeping me out of mischief. Not that much mischief could happen with the ridiculous week of wetness we just had. at the start of the week there was 48 hours straight and unbroken deluge along with high winds. I remembered at 2am on Tuesday morning that I had not closed the office window... dashing through, sure enough, the sill was under an inch of water and it was a minor miracle that it had not flowed down the wall onto the carpet. Half an hour of dabbing-up later,  all was dry again. That was close.

It remained miserable until Friday. I generally do my grocery shopping on the first Friday of the month (only top up with milk and fresh fruit during the month) and was rather dreading having to get the sou'wester gear piled on.

Blow me over like a dandy-clock, summer made an appearance for the day!!! The delivery bloke said he remembered the same thing happened the past two months and that Miss MacLean ought to go grocery shopping more often... purely as a social weather service on behalf of the community of Dunoon, you understand!

Needless to say, all was back to it's soaking normal by Saturday again. Sunday morning dawned full of the traditional 'Scotch Mist' - ground-hugging, drizzle-damp cloud.

Apart from keeping the advance postings going, needed to get back to creating some images for RedBubble - it's a hungry beast and I am quite ruthless with my own work. After a month, depending on responses, out they go. Which means replacements are required. Am getting more proficient with the new software I bought and am enjoying the results which are emerging. Have just had a reshuffle over there, merging a couple of folders also and starting to think about creating items for the festivals which are approaching at an alarming rate - Deepavalli, Hannukah, Christmas ... strewth, but the calendar has no respect for a gal's time out.

An added pressure is that am heading over to Edinburgh again - for 10 days or so, leaving this Wednesday. It's festival and fringe time. I would have left it till the next weekend, but there is a need to be there for the 13th. Watch this space.

After spending an entire night trawling through the 87 gazzillion shows on  offer I had a long list of 87 + rather a lot more; another evening cut that back to just the 87. A review of the bank account encouraged cutting it down to just the seven shows. Even that may drop back yet. We'll see.

There is just so much creativity and talent out there.

Other things to preserve the $$$ for though. Yes there's OZ in however many sleeps it says over on the timer there. THEEEENNNNN... when I get back, it will be all planning focus on...

OH YEAH.  For the few of you reading here who have no idea what this is about... CHECK THIS OUT

Yup, that's gonna be special.

All in all, then, it has been a bit dull and procedural in the YAMster's hutch of late. Hope you'll forgive such a mundane post for a Monday starter.... how about a different sort of Greek dance to shimmy it up a bit?

Moving Athens (REMIX) from Jevan Chowdhury on Vimeo.


  1. We actually had a cooler but nicer week here, sorry you got all the rain.
    We are getting excited about BAR. We are working on the details of traveling with the 2 dogs, but it is going to be soooooooo much fun!

  2. We think mom would crack with all the cool, wet weather. We have many. many sunny days here. Pretty soon a new bloggy is gonna launch just for BAR!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We just love our cool summers...and we've been lucky with the rain this year!

    Be looking for more info and a whole new blog devoted to just BAR info in the coming couple of weeks!!

  4. Positive energy here. Today, on our drive back to Indy for Mom's work week it was just in the upper 70's. Grass is green and doggie allergies not too badk.

    Here's to a cool summer.

    Abby Lab

  5. Hello, we have had a bit of every kind of weather here with rain, sun, hot days and cooler days. The bloggers retreat sounds like fun! Wishing you a happy day and week ahead!

  6. I'm afraid we will get your weather tomorrow or on wednesday... Speedy said they have rain, so it probably comes over the channel :o) Have fun in Edinburgh I've read the festival is a super event (even when I read about this event in Ian Rankin's DCI Rebus)


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