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(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

Menologue; The OZ Venture

Apart from the upcoming Me-Now-Views post which will have some 'tail-end' piccies, this is the last post on the trip to the Great Downunderparts (label is WBL-2015, for those who may be coming in late! ... that's Wide Brown Land... save ya askin')

Yes I certainly enjoyed the flight back to the Bonny Land. First Class was only for the Sydney to Abu Dhabi leg; no such facility on the little plane between AD and Edinburgh. One last little pure surprise though; remember way back I mentioned Mohit, the attendant on the outward from Edinburgh? He dropped by to say hello! He was serving Business class on this trip and was excited as I was the first returning guest he had the chance to meet. Such personable service was there throughout. Maria and CJ were very attentive and nothing was too much to ask for. Not that I did. Ask much. Had plenty of specially made fruit mocktails though! Carrot, orange and ginger; Cucumber and watermelon with some angastura bitters; a 'Dry Mary' (no vodka!). There were yummy nuts - not from a packet - and dolmades and olives and other such nibblies. Watched a movie with Tom Hanks called Bridge Of Spies (brilliant!!!), listened to a little music... but mostly just admired the view and availed myself of the onboard wifi to operate YAMroid. (Some of you got comments from me whilst I was in the air!)

Dinner was a stack of roasted vegetables - off the planet delicious. Truly. My feet were no where near earth. There were yummy artisan rolls to accompany this, and the most tasty olive oil to dip them in.

Later, for 'supper', I had the cheese platter and fresh fruit and a teapot of Chamomile tea.

At AUH airport lounge there was a 90min waitover; I took a shower and changed. Boy did that feel great.  Everything ran to time and was at the father's place by 8am on Christmas Eve Morn.

It was cold and wet. I was ready for it. My luggage was again very nearly the last off the plane - but at least this time the car waiting for me had full battery and a driver who knew what he was about.

I had a quick unpack and 'shooftie' through the cases to get out the things which were being added to pressies; wrapping paper had been lined up under the bed before I left!!! Mac2 and Mac3 came, and together with the father at his house in the morning, we opened our parcels. ...that's Emm's Christmas and Love cakes laid out in the foreground - survived the packing!

Then we headed off. Christmas lunch and arvo were spent at Mac1's house. Her hubby is always the chef on this holiday and I always get a fabulous vegie dish made separate from the turkey and trims. We were conscious that The Maestro was not at all up to the festivities - but at that point there was no indication of how much her body systems were failing. Two days later she was in ICU. Not yet having word of this, Macs 2 and 3 and the father accompanied me over to Dunoon on the Monday as I needed help with all the BIG luggage plus all the stuff from Christmas and some other stuff which had been left from last visit to Edinburgh..... and to make sure that the flat was still standing, given there had been some horrific stormings in my absence. In fact, it was pretty stormy going across the water that day itself. (The bright spot on the next photo is NOT the sun, but my side lamp.)

We went out for lunch at the hotel so the guys could eat meat; it was a good plan, as it gave time for the flat to warm up (had put the heating on) and we got top views of the ferries fighting the fierceness. The food was pretty yummy too. When we got back, on went the kettle and out came the shortbread!

Thus, The OZ Venture became a memory.


  1. it was a wonderful memory to have - I have only been home once in last 15 years and we were lucky enough to fly business class thanks to all of hubby's points. I do wish we could go more often but it just costs so much and takes such a long time

  2. Sounds wonderful, only ever flown cattle class but one day will fly first well maybe.
    Christmas in the cold sounds pretty good but not the norm here.

  3. I could live in that cabin, especially if such beautiful food appeared at meal times.

  4. What a wonderful end to your trip!! AND fancy seeing Mohit again.

  5. There's no place like home! BUTT we have never heard so many nice things about a flight!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. What a wonderful trip you had...thanks so much for sharing so much of it!

  7. What wonderful memories to make and hold close. The airplane food look SO much better than what we get here on most flights in the US> I recall a flight back from Ireland, where I had been at a speaking engagement at a university, and someone I knew from my home town, was on the same flight in first class, coming back from a business trip. He wandered back with his drink and his warm assortment of nuts and asked how I was doing. I said "I enjoyed my pine cone and gruel, thank you". Honestly, it was real food but nothing like the service you get on some international flights. I'm glad you are home and safe with many memories.

  8. Hello, you have many great memories of your trip. But, I am sure you are also happy to be home. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. it's amazing what kind of great food they can prepare in such small airplane kitchens... that's always a challenge I think... so we should not only applaude for the pilots the stewards on board deserved an applause too :o)

  10. Oh wonderful drinks ~ we love fresh juiced carrots, oranges and lemons with a hint of organic ginger juice to jump start our day. We did not know what a dolmades were, interesting. Your plane flight seems like great comfort all the way.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. That's the way to travel. You are now spoilt for all future flights!
    I saw Bridge of Spies in the cinema a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adored it.

  12. Wonderful, wonderful memories! I enjoyed seeing your family! cheers


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